The Language Teacher - Issue 30.12; December 2006

Volume: 30
Issue No. 12
Date of publication: December 2006
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Feature Article

  • Connecting language and education with gender and sexuality: Reflections on a recent Judith Butler lecture - by Robert O'Mochain

Readers' Forums

  • Exploring JiTT: Just-in-Time-Teaching - by Jennifer Edwards, Jeff Mehring, & Tim Murphey
  • Interview with Christine Pearson Casanave: Controversies in second language writing research and instruction - by Keiko Hirose

My Share

  • Let's make a deal - by Daragh Hayes
  • Conversational comparatives - by Christopher Glick

TLT Wired

  • iWriter 1.2: Software for creating interactive stories on an iPod - by Michael Vallance

Member's Showcase

  • Naoki Fujimoto-Adamson


  • JET Outreach kicks off - by Steven Nishida & Leslie Ono
  • Chapter and verse - by David McMurray


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