The Language Teacher - Issue 30.9; September 2006

Volume: 30
Issue No. 9
Date of publication: September 2006
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Special Issue: ESP Teaching and Learning in Japan


  • Interview with Judy Noguchi: ESP in Japan
    - by Catherine Y. Kinoshita

Readers' Forum

  • Getting down to business: Motivating the pre-experience learner
    - by Cynthia Quinn
  • ESP for Japanese in the airline industry
    - by Daniel Droukis
  • Good practices for ESP programs in Japanese post-secondary institutions
    - by Heidi Evans & Todd Squires

My Share

  • Developing oral presentation skills through analysis of guest lectures
    - by Clive Langham
  • Simulated blood pressure activity for Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) students
    - by Andrew Meyerhoff
  • Medical English through gestures
    - by Ian Willey

TLT Wired

  • Worksheet templates: Making life a little easier
    - by Malcolm Swanson

Member's Profile & Showcase

  • Phil Brown


  • Storytelling events at JALT2006: Tea & Tales
    - by Charles Kowalski
  • When it comes to English Education, Kagoshima is not inaka!
    - by Cynthia Keith


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