The Language Teacher - Issue 30.7; July 2006

Volume: 30
Issue No. 7
Date of publication: July 2006
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JALT2006 Pre-Conference Special Issue

Plenary Speakers

  • Course books as tools for activity in language classrooms: Towards some key design principles
    - by Donald Freeman
  • Bilingual education in Japan: Unequal access to bilingualism
    - by Yasuko Kanno
  • Motivating students to read: Can technology help?
    - by Lin Lougheed
  • Critical literacy, language learning, and popular culture
    - by Bonny Norton

Featured Speakers

  • Listening: New perspectives
    - by Steve Brown
  • Using teacher talk to foster learner autonomy
    - by Sara Cotterall
  • Phraseology, identity, community, motivation
    - by Nicholas Groom
  • ELT and the 'science of happiness'
    - by Marc Helgesen
  • Dynamic strategies: Empowering the classroom community
    - by Don Maybin
  • Listening and speaking: Making the connection
    - by Jack C. Richards
  • Communicative test prep: A practical guide
    - by Bruce Rogers
  • Teacher development through materials development
    - by Brian Tomlinson
  • The new TOEIC: Understanding and overcoming the challenges
    - by Grant Trew
  • Why extensive reading should be an indispensable part of all language programs
    - by Rob Waring
  • Student-teacher relations as the key to sustainable learning: Japanese education in comparative perspectives
    - by Shoko Yoneyama

My Share

  • Creative use of the glossary function for written assignments on the Moodle CMS (Course Management System)
    - by N.T. Edwards
  • A classroom tool for providing students with listening and pronunciation practice for minimal pairs
    - by Luke Kutszik Fryer


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