The Language Teacher - Issue 29.1; January 2005

Volume: 29
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: January 2005
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Feature Articles

  • Assessing oral communication competence in a university entrance examination

    - by Chris Weaver & Rick Romanko


  • Language testing seen from its British home: An interview with Jayanti Banerjee

    - by Daniel Dunkley

Readers' Forums

  • Dogme in language teaching in Japan

    - by Torkil Christensen
  • Rethinking speaking in light of the 2005 TOEFL

    - by Randall Gess & Phillip Markley

My Share

  • GO FISH! A fun. flexible activity with pedagogical punch

    - by Scott Bingham
  • Guess the word and spell it out loud!

    - by Chantal Hemmi


  • Teacher Welfare: Where are we at?

    - by Nicolas Gromik


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