The Language Teacher - Issue 28.12; December 2004

Volume: 28
Issue No. 12
Date of publication: December 2004
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Special Issue: 4 Skills

Feature Articles

  • Coordinated intensity: A multi-skills approach to curriculum design
    - by Roger Nunn, Darren Lingley, & Marcus Otlowski
  • Exploiting narrative text from an integrated skills perspective
    - by Janet M.D. Higgins
  • Integrating the four skills with tasks and content in EAP
    - by Mark Cunningham
  • Quick reading and material preparation
    - by Atsushi Asai
  • Improving student confidence and ability in reading activities
    - by Jane Harland
  • Assessment and integrated instruction
    - by Cecilia Ikeguchi
  • Comprehensive English: Four skills plus
    - by Judith Ann Johnson

My Share

  • Accessing student's thought processes while reading song lyrics
    - by Andrew Boon
  • Communities sharing mind maps for course closure
    - by Brad Deacon
  • Popular music questionnaire/listening activity
    - by Justine Ross


  • Chapter Reporting Requirements
    - by Peter Ross

TLT Wired

  • Studying Abroad: Searching the Webs for Programs
    - by Derek Di Matteo


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