The Language Teacher - Issue 28.1; January 2004

Volume: 28
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: January 2004
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The Language Teacher

Native speaker: A unitary fantasy of a diverse reality
by Mitsuo Kubota, Kansai Gaidai University

高等学校の英語の教科書について:教育の情報化への対応 (English textbooks for senior high school: Modification for educational informatisation).
by 入江公啓 (Kimihiro Irie), 常葉学園大学 (Tokoha Gakuen University)

Learning consequences of fear of negative evaluation and modesty for Japanese EFL students
by Robert. A. Brown, Bunkyo University

Rediscovering the creative heart of Japanese education: Fostering intrinsic motivation through a love of language
by Nathaniel Edwards, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

My Share

Role-Play to Stimulate Large Reading Classes
by I-Jung Chen, Takming College, Taipei

English Patterns: The Missing Link to Fluency
by Suzanne Medina, California State University, Dominguez Hills

Look Into the Crystal Ball: Telling the Future in Present Continuous Tense
by Evelyn Doman, Sakura no Seibo Junior College

TLT Wired

Video Bytes II
by Paul Daniels

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