The Language Teacher - Issue 24.8; August 2000

Volume: 24
Issue No. 8
Date of publication: August 2000
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The Language Teacher Online: Issue 24.08 - August 2000


JALT 2000 National Officer Elections


  • Lexical Phrases in Language Learning
    - by Norbert Schmitt & Ronald Carter
  • Articulatory Phonetics for Inservice Teacher Training (some phonetic characters)
    - by Yukiko S. Jolly
  • Using English Loanwords to Teach English Pronunciation (some Japanese)
    - by Yamauchi Kazuaki & Stephen Lambacher
  • [AET to JET no kyoudo no genjou] (in Japanese)
    - by

opinions & perspectives

  • [Nippon de no 6 nenkan no gogaku gakkou keiei] (in Japanese)
    - by Paul Doyon


a Chapter in your life

my share


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