The Language Teacher - Issue 23.7; July 1999

Volume: 23
Issue No. 7
Date of publication: July 1999
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The Language Teacher

Action Logs and Seikatsu Dayori
by Warren B. Roby, Dokkyo University

Extensive Reading Revisited - An interview with Richard Day and Julian Bamford
by Tony Donnes, University of Hawaii at Manoa

What to do with Non-Performing Students: The Remedial Make-up Class
by Vicky Starfire, Ritsumeikan University

Empathy and English Teaching
by Mariko Okuzaki, Hakodate National College of Technology

10+ Questions for Your Next University Employer
by David C. Aldwinckle, Hokkaido Information University

Offbeat Matsuyama
by Robert Oettel, Chapter President

My Share

Please speak at the beep: a listening and speaking homework activity
by Annette Kaye, Rikkyo (St. Margaret's) Junior High School

Freewriting for Fun and Fluency
by Gretchen Jude, The Center for English Language Education, Asia University

A Roll of the Dice
by Derek English & Steven Donald

Interactive Student-generated Vocabulary Quiz
by Alan Mackenzie

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