The Language Teacher - Issue 23.6; June 1999

Volume: 23
Issue No. 6
Date of publication: June 1999
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JALT99 Preconference Issue


The Language Teacher

A Personal Introduction: Making Connections
by Dick Allwright, Lancaster University

Learning Strategy Instruction in the English Classroom
by Anna Uhl Chamot, George Washington University

Investigating Novice and Experienced ESL Teacher Differences: Implications for Teacher Training
by Elizabeth Gatbonton, Concordia University

Neurological Frontiers
by Mario Rinvolucri

Some Practical Thoughts about Student-Sensitive Critical Pedagogy
by H. Douglas Brown

Tasks, Materials, and Classroom Contexts
by Christopher N. Candlin & Ken Keobke

Connecting the Hand, the Head, and the Heart: Reflective Practice and Action Research in the Classroom
by Andy Curtis

Confessions of a Featured Speaker
by Richard R. Day

Cooperative Learning, Motivation, and Expectations Why Cooperative Learning?
by Robert Homan and Chris Poel

How do You Respond? Teacher Action, Discourse, and Development
by Steve Mann, Aston University

Speaking in a Second Language
by David Nunan, University of Hong Kong

The Teacher as Builder and Architect
by Chuck Sandy

The Grammar Question
by Terry Shortall

Video Motivates
by Susan Steinbach, University of California, Davis

A Problem of Identity
by Kensaku Yoshida, Sophia University

Helping Part-Time Teachers Help Themselves
by Joseph Tomei


My Share

Using Masks to Unmask "Shyness" in Speaking a Foreign Language
by David R. Mayer, Nanzan University

Variations on Go Fish: Making the Most of an Old Game for the Language Classroom
by James Fieser, Sunshine College, Tokyo School of Social Welfare and Business

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