The Language Teacher - Issue 23.2; February 1999

Volume: 23
Issue No. 2
Date of publication: February 1999
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Special Issue: Teaching World Citizenship in the Language Classroom


The Language Teacher

A Ghandian Perspective on Peace Education: An Interview with Rajmohan Gandhi
by Armene Modi

Teaching English for World Citizenship: Key Content Areas
by Kip A. Cates, Tottori University

Empowering ESL Students for World Citizenship
by Marilyn Higgins, Yamaguchi Prefectural University; Brid MacConville Tanaka, Shinonome Junior College

Teaching Resources for World Citizenship
by Kip Cates, Marilyn Higgins, and Brid MacConville Tanaka

So, What's World Citizenship?
by Jeris E. Strain, Himeji Dokkyo University

Communicating Classrooms: English Language Teaching And World Citizenship
by Don Harrison, Council for Education in World Citizenship, London, England

Working Papers: Christmas in Kumamoto
by Joseph Tomei, with Bill Lee

Task-Based Research in SLA: A Lecture Rod Ellis
by Brett Reynolds, Sakuragaoka Girls' Jr. & Sr. High School

A Chapter in Your Life: Sendai
by Lorne Spry

Eulogy: Shigeo Imamura
by David McMurray, JALT Past President

My Share

Using Rainbow War to Raise Global Awareness
by Ken Fujioka, International Christian University

An Intercultural Communication Simulation
by Asako Kajiura, Intercultural Communication Trainer and Translator; Greg Goodmacher, Kwassui University

Studying The Rights of Nonhuman Citizens of Earth
by Greg Goodmacher, Kwassui University

A Thematic Week at a Small School
by James R. Welker, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies; Stacia Houston, St. Mary College, Nagoya

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