The Language Teacher - Issue 20.12; December 1996

Volume: 20
Issue No. 12
Date of publication: December 1996
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Note: As digital versions of this issue of TLT do not exist, some material is not available online (see bottom of page for material available online). Paper copies of articles can, however, be purchased from JALT Central Office.


  • by Antony Cominos, Editor


  • A Dialog-Based Approach Toward Interlanguage Development by William R. Pellowe
  • Using Reflection/Review Journals in Japanese Classrooms Eric Bray & Kenton Harsch
  • Interlanguage Modifications During Negotiations for Meaning in the Classroom Interaction Between Nonnative Speakers of Japanese (In Japanese) by Belinda Kennett & Sakatani Keiko

Special features

  • Found in Translation edited by Stephen Ryan & Yukawa Emiko
  • Job Hunting in Japan: Cross-Cultural Issues by Craig Sower & Wayne K. Johnson
  • Language Forums in Cyberspace by Steve McGuire
  • Mastering Distance Learning by Andrew Barfield & Katsura Haruko

Plenary address

  • Helping Learners Develop Communication Strategies by Michael Rost

Opinions and perspectives

  • Some Questions about Recent Articles on English Tests by Ron Grove
  • Save Your Voice by Tim Hawthorne

My share

  • Telling the Truth about Extensive Reading by Jasna Dubravcic
  • Fashionable Words in the EFL Classroom by Daisy Boll
  • Collaborative Readings and Note-taking by Julie Sagliano


  • American Business English Program
  • Multilevel Business English Programme: Elementary Level
  • Multilevel Business English Programme: Interactive CD-ROM Elementary Level reviewed by Nick Miller
  • Early Business Contacts (2nd ed.)
  • Advanced Business Contacts reviewed by Mark Field
  • Staying Ahead: A Business English Video reviewed by Betsy Yoshioka
  • Survival English: Communicative Activities for Professional People (Resource Pack) reviewed by Keith J. D. Miller
  • Build Your Business Vocabulary reviewed by Robert Baines
  • Business Games: A Resource Book of Problems, Issues, and Ethics reviewed by Charles Jannuzi
  • At Your Service reviewed by Lisa Hodgkinson
  • Family Album, U.S.A.: Classroom Video Course, Book 1 reviewed by Rosalie Kolesar & Mary Grove
  • Family Album, U.S.A.: Assessment Program reviewed by Todd Jay Leonard
  • Recently Received compiled by Julien Whitney


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The Language Teacher

A Dialog-Based Approach Toward Interlanguage Development
by William R. Pellowe, Aso Foreign Language and Travel College

Using Reflection/Review Journals in Japanese Classrooms
by Eric Bray & Kenton Harsch, Kansai University & University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Job Hunting in Japan: Cross-cultural Issues
by Craig Sower & Wayne K. Johnson, JALT Job Information Centre

Language Forums in Cyberspace
by Steve McGuire

Mastering Distance Learning
by Andrew Barfield & Katsura Haruko, Teacher Education N-SIG

Helping Learners Develop Communication Strategies
by Michael Rost, University of California, Berkeley English Language Program

Some Questions about Recent Articles on English Tests
by Ron Grove, Mejiro University

Save Your Voice
by Tim Hawthorne, Osaka Institute of Technology

My Share

Telling the Truth about Extensive Reading
by Jasna Dubravcic, Showa Women s Junior College, Tokyo

Fashionable Words in the EFL Class
by Daisy Boll, Osaka Jogakuin Junior College

Collaborative Reading and Note-taking
by Julie Sagliano, Miyazaki International College

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