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Available Jobs

TEFL/TESOL position in College of Applied International Studies, Tokiwa Univeristy, Mito-shi, Ibaraki-ken, JAPAN

Announcement regarding the Public Recruitment of Teaching Faculty for the College of Applied International Studies, Tokiwa University 1. Affiliation: College of Applied International Studies 2. Major Field of Study: Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language, Applied Linguistics, or related areas 3. Title of Position and Number of New Hires:    a) Title: Professor or Associate Professor    b) No. of Openings: 1 4. Application Requirements: Applicants should satisfy all the following   requirements:   a) Hold a doctoral degree in the major field of study mentioned above, or     having academic credentials equivalent to or higher than a doctoral degree in     the said field;   b) Be capable of being engaged in education enthusiastically. (Preferably     having teaching experience for two or more years in any university or similar     educational institution.);   c) Be able to work in the Japanese language for academic affairs and other     administrative issues if the applicant is not a native speaker of Japanese.   d) Be able to reside in Mito City or its surrounding area (within an hour or     less one- way commuting distance of the campus (about 25km)) after being     employed. (By surface roads, not toll roads, for automobile commutes.) 5. Subjects to be taught: Communication Strategies, Academic Writing,   Presentation in English, English-related subjects, Seminar, Graduation Thesis 6. Date of Employment: April 1, 2015 7. Term of Employment: Fixed term for up to three years    **Note: Re-employment is possible following evaluation at the end of the initial      Term of Employment. (However, the total length of contract-based employment      shall be limited at five years. Eligibility for re-employment is limited by      age according to Tokiwa University’s Regulations for Retirement, which      specify a compulsory retirement age of 65 y.o. for Professors, and 62 y.o.      for all other faculty.) ** Note: It is also possible to be employed without a        fixed term of employment if it is judged so following evaluation. 8. Salary: Paid according to the regulations of Tokiwa University. 9. Application Deadline : Application documents must be received by        Tuesday,September 30, 2014. 10. Application Documents: a) Resume (Use university-prescribed format)    Attach a portrait photo and put your seal.    List the names of academic societies to which you belong    Provide multiple contact addresses such as telephone, fax, e-mail, cell      phone,etc. b) List of research achievements and career experience:     Describe your research achievements, categorizing them into the following:    “Books,” “Articles,” and “Other Literary or Academic Works.”      Specify the parts you wrote (or the percentage of work written)  in the case that    the listed work has multiple authors.    If you have any publications currently in press, enclose the documents     certifying as such.    Provide the outline(s) of any educational contributions you have made     relating to the subjects you would teach in this position, such as textbooks or     teaching materials you have developed.   c) Copies of the books and/or articles which represent your research     contributions:   Please provide three (3)copies of each of three (3) books/articles (Offprints or     copies of those publications are acceptable; none of the materials you submit shall   be returned.)   d) Essay on the following topics   Topics: Themes and characteristics of your research, Research agenda you are     planning for the future, idea and wishes you have for the education and     guidance of students at Tokiwa University 11. Screening method: The applicants shall be screened through the submitted   documents, a sample lesson for approx. 20 minutes on one of the subjects to   be taught, and an interview. 12. Location and contact address where the application documents should be   submitted:   Human Resources Section, Tokiwa University, 1-430-1, Miwa, Mito-shi,     Ibaraki-ken, 310-8585 On the face of the envelope, please write “TESOL” in red.   Tel: 029-232-2540   Fax: 029-232-2748   URL :  Please be advised that none of the application documents shall be   returned to applicants after they have been submitted.  The personal information provided in the application documents shall not   be used for any other purpose than that of this recruitment process and   personnel administration after employment.

English Instructor (Environmental Science Dept.) Kumamoto Prefectural University, Kumamoto City, Japan

  教員(環境共生学部)の公募について このたび本学では、環境共生学部及び環境共生学研究科において英語教育を主に担当する教員を 下記の要領で公募します。 記 1 職名及び人員 教授、准教授または講師 1名 2 専 門 分 野 英語教育 3 担 当 科 目 (学 部)Basic English I; Basic English II; Science English I; Science English II; Pre-Seminar; ほか (大学院)Graduate English I; Graduate English II など 4 応 募 資 格 以下の要件をすべて満たす者 (1)博士の学位を有する者、または博士の学位に相当する教育研究業績を 有する者。 (2)大学において英語科目に関する教育歴を有する者、特に理系英語の教 育歴のある者が望ましい。 (3)国籍は問わないが、英語を母語としない者は英語の高度な運用能力を 有すること。日本語を母語としない者は日常業務を行うことができる 日本語の運用能力を有することが望ましい。 (4)学部および大学院における英語カリキュラムの運営ならびに英語教育 の発展に積極的に取り組む意欲のある者。 (5)学部および大学の運営に熱意をもって取り組む意欲のある者。 (6)採用後は熊本市内もしくはその近隣に居住することが可能な者。 5 採 用 予 定 日 平成27年4月1日 6 所 属 環境共生学部 環境資源学科 7 応 募 締 切 平成26年10月14日(火)(必着) 8 提 出 書 類 (1)履歴書(本学ホームページより様式をダウンロードして記載のこと) URL: (2)教育研究業績書(同上。著書、論文、学会発表、その他に区分して年 代の古い順 に記載すること。主な業績(5 編以内)に○印を記入のこと) URL: (3)上記業績中の主要なものについて、別刷を5編以内(コピーも可) (4)最終学歴および学位を証明する書類(コピーは不可) (5)これまでの教育・研究の概要(A4 用紙1枚程度) (6)赴任後の教育および研究に対する抱負(A4 用紙各1枚程度) (7)応募者について照会 可能な方の氏名・連絡先(1名以上)   * 応募書類の作成は英語でも可(不明な点は下記に問い合わせ下さい)。 **選考の過程で論文等の説明を求めることがあります。 *** 応募書類は本選考のためだけに使用します。また、応募書類は返却 しません。返却が必要な場合は、その旨を明記すること。 9 選 考 方 法 書類審査および面接審査(面接審査は書類審査合格者を対象とします) (面接審査にあたっては、20分の模擬授業、およびこれまでの教育・研究の内 容、ならびに今後の教育・研究に関する抱負等についての20分程度のプレゼン テーションを行っていただきます。なお、その際の交通費等は自己負担としま す。) 10 書 類 提 出 先 〒862-8502 熊本市東区月出3丁目1番100号 熊本県立大学長 古賀 実 (「環境共生学部教員応募書類(英語教育)」と朱書きし、書留などで郵送の こと) 11 問い合わせ先 熊本県立大学 環境共生学部長 堤 裕昭 電話:096-321-6709(直通)、FAX:096-384-6765  

Lecturer/Asst. Prof. positions in EFL (limited term) at The Faculty of Communication at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business

The Faculty of Communication at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business   ( seeks a number of highly motivated, collegial,   responsible and academically-oriented language teaching scholars for Spring   2015. Rank: Lecturer or Assistant Professor Level Start Date: April 1st 2015 Minimum Qualifications: 1.    A master degree (Ph.D. preferred) in applied linguistics/TESOL or   cross-cultural  communication 2.    English language teaching experience at the higher education level 3.    High level of English language proficiency Additional Desired Qualities: 1.    Experience living and working in a culturally different environment 2.     Knowledge of and interest in language teaching and learning in Japanese   higher education 3.    Practical English language teaching qualifications (e.g. certificates   and/or diplomas with a practicum         assessment) 4.    Evidence of workplace collaboration and collegiality Duties & Responsibilities: •  Teaching responsibilities: 7 classes of 100 minutes each per week,   focusing on English language and cross-     cultural communication with the aim of increasing student TOEFL/TOEIC   scores •  Non-teaching responsibilities: maintain office hours, provide additional   support to students, conduct and publish     research, and participate in all official university functions •  Active participation in curriculum reform, course adaptation and faculty   development Treatment: •    Two-year renewable contract with a highly competitive salary based on   qualifications and experience. •    Salary will be paid in 14 instalments per year (Monthly salary plus a   bonus of one month salary paid in July and in           December) •    Holidays in line with normal Japanese university conventions •    Excellent benefits package including private health insurance To Apply: To apply, please gather the following application materials in electronic   form and send them to Professor Tak Uemura (Dean, Faculty of Communication)   at 1. Curriculum vitae including passport-type photo 2. List of academic and other publications 3. Letters of recommendation from current/previous academic   supervisors/employers 4. Proof of degree qualifications, certificates, etc 5. Statement of teaching and research philosophy and goals Application Deadline: November 15th 2014 Applicants who meet the stated criteria will be contacted and invited for an  interview either in person if they are Japan-based, or by Skype if based   overseas.

Lecturer positions in the English Language Instiitute at Kanda University of International Studies, Chiba City, Japan

The English Language Institute (ELI) of Kanda University of International Studies ( has openings for suitably qualified lecturers of English as a foreign language. These lecturer positions are for a two-year period commencing April 2015. There is an option to renew the contract for a further two years, by mutual agreement. NOTE: There are also additional positions as Learning Advisors avaialble. For further information, please access the following link:   QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE Essential: A Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language, English Education, Applied Linguistics, Language and Literacy Studies, or another closely related field Significant practical experience in teaching English, particularly in academic contexts and at the post-secondary level A strong interest in working with Japanese students in both formal and extracurricular settings, together with an interest in Japanese language and culture A positive, tolerant, cooperative disposition Highly Desirable: Prior experience living and working in Japan Demonstrated proficiency in the Japanese language Evidence of scholarly engagement (e.g. research activities, academic publications) Academic and pedagogical interest in the following areas:   Multiliteracies,  New Literacy Studies,  Discourse and Textual Analysis, Computer Mediated Communication, Semiotic and Ecological Approaches to Learning and Teaching, Assessment (including Progressive and Alternative Approaches), Sociocultural Theory, Learner Autonomy JOB DESCRIPTION (Brief) Members of the ELI are normally expected to be at the university from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm or 10.30 am to 6.30 pm, Monday through Friday. During the two semester breaks, each of approximately five to six weeks, lecturers are not typically required to be on campus at all.  Teaching load of  eight (8) 90-minute classes per week. Base salary of 5,000,000 yen per annum, paid monthly (100,000 yen research grant).  SEE BELOW FOR COMPLETE DETAILS  VII. APPLICATION AND SELECTION PROCEDURES:  To apply, please click on the link below or paste the following URL into your browser: Please i) complete the necessary lecturer application form (including photo) and ii) email it (PDF preferred) together with a covering letter to: Search Committee English Language Institute Kanda University of International Studies Email address:             For best consideration, applications should be received by: September 10th, 2014.

EFL Instructors (limited-term contract, 2 positions) in the CUBE Study Abroad English Program at Konan University, Nishinomiya, Japan

Konan University (KU) is currently seeking two English as a Foreign Language (EFL) instructors to teach English language courses at KU’s Hirao School of Management (CUBE) campus. CUBE offers undergraduate education that aims to prepare the globally-minded Japanese manager of the future—one who is multilingual, cognizant of other cultures, skilled in the use of new information technologies, and entrepreneurially oriented.  The curriculum offered by CUBE includes the Study Abroad program, under which students receive semi-intensive English for Academic Purposes (EAP) instruction.  In the second semester of their sophomore year, qualified CUBE students in the program will transfer to the University at Buffalo (UB), the State University of New York, for a full academic year of study.  The Study Abroad English program at CUBE is based on the teaching philosophy and curriculum at UB’s English Language Institute (ELI) with an orientation to American culture and business practices. Job Title: EFL Instructor Employer: Konan University (in cooperation with the University at Buffalo) Location: Nishinomiya-city, Hyogo, Japan QUALIFICATIONS: Master’s degree in TESOL or closely related field; native-like proficiency in English; a minimum of 2 years of university teaching experience (preferably in North America) is required; experience teaching in Japan and/or teaching Japanese students a plus. TERM OF APPOINTMENT: One-year appointment from March 1st, 2015 to February 28th, 2016; renewable annually up to a maximum of five years, pending annual performance evaluations. SALARY: An annual salary of 4,500,000 – 5,000,000 yen will be paid in yen in twelve monthly installments.  Salary is increased annually based upon performance. TEACHING DUTIES: The instructor should be available to work 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday (and occasionally on Saturday or Sunday when an extra class or event is scheduled), with approximately 15 hours (10 90-minute classes) devoted to instructional duties and 25 hours devoted to preparation time and program support duties, including: creating and organizing teaching materials, advising students, administering placement tests, preparing student progress reports, assisting with the preparation of the entrance exam to the program, and other duties as assigned by KU via the CUBE Study Abroad English Program Coordinator.     The instructor will also be expected to be available between fall and spring terms to complete program support duties and provide remedial instruction and guidance to students. TRAVEL EXPENSES: In addition to the actual airfare (including fares for spouse and children), 500,000 yen will be paid to cover moving expenses.  This allowance may be paid in advance. In addition, 200,000 yen will be provided to cover the costs of returning to the instructor’s home country at the final termination of the term of employment.   ACCOMODATIONS: Instructor is provided with a rent-free, semi-furnished 2-bedroom apartment, or 75,000 yen/month towards rent at another apartment.  A transportation allowance shall be paid for commuting to the Nishinomiya campus. OTHER INFORMATION School Calendar: The school year at Konan University begins with the spring term, held from April 1 - July 31.  The fall term is from September 1 – January 31. Holidays: Instructor will have the following holidays: national holidays with a few exceptions and a summer vacation from August 1-31. Office Space: Instructor will be provided with an office space and a personal computer in a shared office. Health Insurance: Instructor will enroll in the Japanese health plan. Interested applicants should send a resume, a cover letter that includes the applicant’s philosophy of teaching, and contact information for three professional/academic references.  References will not be contacted without your prior consent.   Submission of application materials: Documents must be submitted electronically to and addressed to both individuals below before September 19, 2014.   Gordon Reisdorf, Study Abroad English Program Coordinator Konan University Nishinomiya, Japan   Keith Otto,Program Director for English as a Second Language Programs, University at Buffalo Buffalo, New York, USA  

English Instructor (Asst. Professor, non-tenured), Aichi University

***NOTE: This position is separate from the job listing 'English Instructor (w/ native-level Japanese), Aichi Univ.' also listed on this site.*** Available Teaching Positions: Shokutaku Jokyo I (Non-tenured Assistant Professor)      Aichi University, Nagoya, Japan, invites applications for the above non-permanent positions.  1.  Status:         Shokutaku JokyoI 2.  Number of Positions:               2 3.  Qualifications:      (1) Native-level English speaking skills (with basic Japanese skills preferable). (2) Master’s degree or equivalent. (3) Strong background in ESL/EFL, Linguistics, Literature or a related field. (4) Experience in teaching English as a second or foreign language is preferred. 4.  Contract:               12 month contract – April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016.   Renewable annually up to three times  (total of four years). 5.  Duties:                   To teach two semesters of Communicative English I, II.   Responsible for ten classes of ninety minutes each week. Classes will be taught on weekdays.   The teacher will be required to reside within 80km of the Nagoya Campus of Aichi University in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City. <Address of Aichi University, Nagoya Campus> 4-60-6 Hiraike-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 453-8777, Japan   6.  Remuneration:       330,000 yen per month.  A travel allowance (to and from the campus) A research subsidy of 200,000 yen paid annually. 7.  Benefits:             (1) Teachers living abroad: When a teacher comes from abroad, one international economy class round-trip ticket per position (position= a term of employment lasting one year, or possibly extended to a maximum of fouryears, by agreement) will be paid between your present place of residence and Nagoya(Chubu International Airport), Osaka(Kansai International Airport) or Tokyo(Narita International Airport). Maximum round trip fare is 150,000yen.  In addition, Aichi University will pay the full public transportation costs from one of the three international airports to Aichi University. (2) Teachers living in Japan: a) For teachers living in Japan the full public transport costs from the present place of residence to the new place of residence will be paid (excluding family). b) A contribution towards relocation expenses will be paid according to the distance from the present place of residence to anywhere within an 80 km radius of Nakamura-ku, Nagoya.   8.  Social Insurance:   Employees are required to join the Mutual Aid Association of Private School Personnel for health insurance.  Premium payments will be divided equally between the university and the employee. 9.  Application Materials:     (1) Your resume/CV according to Aichi University’s form with recent photo attached, and seven copies (2) Copies of the applicant’s degrees and diplomas (3) One letter of recommendation (4) Eight copies of the list of publications and presentations (though not necessarily according to Aichi University’s form). (5) Original copies of major publications.  Please submit eight copies in the case of papers, and one original only if it is a book. (6) Eight copies of explanation of your teaching plansfor courses of Communicative English (500-800 words). NOTE: Concerning (1) and (4), download the form from Recruit in Aichi University’s official website. (  Applicants might be required to hold a demonstration class in front of the judges at the time of their interview. 10.  Deadline:             Applications must be received by September 30, 2014.  Mail all materials in one envelope by registered post (kakitome-yubin), marked clearly in red “Shokutaku Jokyo I” to:   Toru Shimada,  c/o Director of the Board of Education Aichi University, Personnel Department 2-10-31 Tsutsui, Higashi-ku Nagoya, 461-8641  Japan For further information, please contact: Aichi University Jinji-ka (Personnel Department)  Phone:     052-937-8153            Fax:         052-937-8198

English Instructor (w/ native-level Japanese ability), Aichi University

***NOTE: This job is separate from 'English Instructor (Asst. Professor, non-tenured), Aichi Univ.' also listed on this site. *** 愛人事第32号     2014年8月7日 関係大学 学 長       学部長 殿     研究科長  愛知大学名古屋教学部長 島田 了 愛知大学嘱託助教Ⅰ(英語)の公募について     本学名古屋校舎では下記の要領で嘱託助教を公募しています。   1.担当科目、研究分野、および採用後の所属 担当科目:英語(共通教育科目)「Practical English」「TOEICⅠ」およびその他関連科目 研究分野:英語関連分野 所  属:名古屋語学教育研究室(名古屋校舎)   2.職名および募集人員:嘱託助教Ⅰ 1名 3.採用予定期日:2015年4月1日 4.応募資格および条件 ①2015年3月末日において、大学院修士課程修了(見込みを含む)以上の者、又はこれに準ずる研究歴・教育歴を有する者 ②採用後は、愛知大学名古屋校舎(名古屋市中村区平池町四丁目60- 6)に通勤可能な範囲(80km以内)に居住すること ③週5日出勤し、10コマを担当すること ④日本語を母語とすること 5.待遇 ①「愛知大学嘱託助教Ⅰに関する規程」及び②「愛知大学嘱託助教Ⅰの就業及び給与に関する規程」に基づく。 基本給:月額33万円(年額396万円、賞与なし) 付加給:通勤手当 個人研究費:年額20万円 採用期間:1年契約(2015年4月1日~2016年3月31日)           年度ごとに3回まで更新可能(最長4年)      社会保険:嘱託助教Ⅰ(英語)は日本私立学校振興・共済事業団(健康保険、その他)に加入するものとし、掛金は加入者と本学が折半で負担する。 学内業務:授業運営に関わる英語科目担当者間におけるミーティングには参加が義務付けられるが、その他の業務は課されない。 (詳細は、愛知大学HPの「教員・職員公募」のページを参照して下さい。) 6.提出書類            ①、④、⑤、⑥については、審査の関係上都合各8部提出して下さい。 ①履歴書(写真貼付)※所定様式   原本1通と複写7通 ②最終出身学校の卒業又は卒業見込証明書   1通 ③推薦状   1通 ④教育研究業績書(学会発表含む)※所定様式  原本1通と複写7通 ⑤主要な著書又は論文(抜粋又は複写)3点以内   原本1部と複写7部 ※ 著書に関して、単著の場合は原本1部のみの提出で可。 ⑥本学着任後の英語教育に対する抱負(1,200字程度)   原本1部と複写7部 ※ ①④の所定様式は、愛知大学HPの「教員・職員公募」のページから ダウンロードして下さい。 ※ TOEIC、TOEFL等のスコアーを提出することもできます。 ※ 面接の際に、採用後の担当予定科目についての模擬授業等を求めることがあります。   7.提出期限:2014年9月30日(必着) 8.提出先 〒461-8641 愛知県名古屋市東区筒井二丁目10-31 愛知大学車道校舎 人事課長気付 名古屋教学部長 島田 了 宛  ※ 封筒の表に「嘱託助教Ⅰ(英語)応募書類在中」と朱書の上、 書留郵便で送付して下さい。  ※ 提出書類は原則として返却いたしません。ただし、返却を希望する方は、宅配 便着払い伝票に必要事項を記入したものを同封して下さい。 9.問い合わせ先 愛知大学 人事課 ℡(052)937-8153  担当者:落合 10.その他  応募において提供して頂いた個人情報は、本学「個人情報の保護に関する規程」に従って適正に管理し、人事選考以外の目的には使用致しません。  

Assoc. Prof. (or Lecturer) in American Literature and Culture at Hiroshima Jogakuin University in Hiroshima City, Japan

Position in American Literature and Culture at Hiroshima Jogakuin University in Hiroshima City, Japan 1. Research field:  American literature, American culture     2. Classes to be taught:  American Culture & History, History of American Literature, Comparative Studies of American Literature & Culture, 20th Century American Studies, 20th Century American Literature, History & Culture of African Americans, History & Culture of Jewish Americans, Comparative Studies of Culture, Studies of American Dream, Introduction to British & American Literature & Culture 3. Position:     Associate Professor, or Lecturer(3-year contract with the possibility of tenure based on an appraisal of teaching and research achievements after employment) 4. No. of positions:   1 position (position open to both native English speakers and native Japanese speakers). Note: Please refer to the Japanese version of this advertisement (in Job details section below) if the applicant is a native Japanese speaker. 5. Qualifications:            (1) Doctoral degree (preferred) or Master’s degree in a relevant research field (see above).        (2) Experience of teaching at university level is preferred.       (3) A working command of the Japanese language is preferred if the applicant is a native English speaker       (4) Understanding of our founding spirit based on Christianity.       (5) Obligations to support the school administration.       (6) Plan and take charge of a one-month overseas English study program in summer.      (7) Must live in Hiroshima city or the surrounding area after taking up the post 6. Starting date:                      2015/4/1 7. Application deadline:           Materials must arrive by 17:00 on 2014/9/30 8. Application materials:         (1) Curriculum Vitae with a photo attached.       (2) Copy of certificate or diploma of the highest degree earned       (3) Copy of certificate of Japanese language ability if available.       (4) List of educational and research achievements.      (5) Copy or offprint of 3 major research works.                                           (6) Short essay about your educational philosophy (one page of A4-size paper).      (7) Choose three courses listed above and create a syllabus for each (one page of A4-size paper for each). The               syllabus should include the objective, content for a 15-week course, instruction plan and evaluation method of             the class. 9. Selection process:     (1) 1st screening:           Document evaluation (2) 2nd screening:    Teaching demonstration and interview (applicants will be contacted directly) (3) 3rd screening:     Interview with president, chancellor, and dean (applicants will be contacted directly) * On taking up the post, a medical report must be submitted. 10. Salary:      Based on the Pay Regulations and the Fixed-term Employment Regulations of Hiroshima Jogakuin 11. Submission address: Hiroshima Jogakuin University, Faculty of Liberal Arts Gakubu Jimushitsu 4-13-1 Ushita-higashi, Higashi-ku Hiroshima 732-0063   Japan Write ‘Application form for Faculty Position: British and American Culture’ on the envelope in red.  Send the application documents by registered mail. 12. Results:    Applicants will be informed of the results as soon as the screening process is over. Any questions or inquiry about this recruitment can be accepted only through email. 13. Contact(email only:  Prof. Izumi Hatano, Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts ( 14. Other information          If you wish to have your application materials returned, please enclose a self-addressed envelope with stamps to cover the return shipment.

Editor of EIKEN test materials for EIKEN foundation in Tokyo

DESCRIPTION: The Eiken Foundation of Japan (Eiken) is looking for a full-time editor to help produce EIKEN English examinations for high school level test-takers. Eiken is Japan’s largest English-language testing organization, and this is an excellent opportunity for a committed individual to further his or her career in education. Working hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. plus occasional weekends. One-year renewable contract. Position to start in December (negotiable). LOCATION: Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Kagurazaka DUTIES: Duties include writing, editing, and proofreading test items for the EIKEN exams. You will also attend editorial meetings held in Japanese, liaise with writers and academics, and analyze test data. There are some opportunities to take part in conferences and promotional events.  QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants must have native-level English speaking ability with a university degree, a proper visa to work in Japan, excellent writing skills, and an interest in education and testing. Successful applicants will also have strong Japanese language skills (JLPT Level N2 or higher) and be able to work as part of a team in a Japanese office environment. Teaching experience at Japanese junior high or high schools and materials-development experience/editing experience is desirable. Applicants should reside within commuting distance of our office in Kagurazaka, Tokyo. SALARY & BENEFITS: Salary is 300,000 yen a month. Two annual bonuses and other benefits. Paid annual vacation leave, overtime pay, and commuting allowance. APPLICATION MATERIALS: Send résumé, cover letter, and a recent photograph by e-mail. The résumé should include your date of birth, JLPT score (if applicable) and visa status. In the cover letter, you should explain in detail why you would be a suitable candidate, highlighting your professional experience and interests. Preliminary interviews will be held in late August or early September. Short-listed candidates will be invited to attend an interview and take a writing and proofreading test. The interview will consist of two sections: one conducted in Japanese and the other in English. Candidates may then be asked to attend a second and third interview. DEADLINE: August 24, 2014 CONTACT DETAILS: Ed Jacob, Editorial Section, Eiken Foundation of Japan   (Eiken). CONTACT E-MAIL: WEBSITE:

Two Asst. Professor positions (limited-contract), Aoyama Gakuin University, School of Social Informatics (Sagamihara campus)

Applications are now being accepted for two English teaching positions at the assistant professor level at Aoyama Gakuin University in the School of Social Informatics (Sagamihara Campus). Applicants should hold a Ph.D. (or equivalent) in TESOL/TEFL, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Communications, or related field, with at least three years of university teaching experience. The position is a one-year contract postion which is renewable annually for up to four additional years (upon mutual agreement) as stipulated by Aoyama Gakuin regulations. Candidates will be mainly responsible for teaching basic level English courses and assisting in developing the undergraduate English language program in the School of Social Informatics. The deadline for sending the application materials is September 5, 2014 (postmarked). For more detailed information about the application procedure, please check the following webpage listed below.    

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