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Date of publication: October 2010


JALT2009: The Teaching-Learning Dialogue: An Active Mirror


JALT2009, the 35th JALT Annual International Conference, took place at Granship, Shizuoka; the program ran from 20-23 Nov 2009; and the unifying theme was The Teaching-Learning Dialogue: An Active Mirror.

To articulate the character and mission of the Conference Proceedings, we have from this year adopted the following as our Mission Statement:

The annual Conference Proceedings is to be a permanent record of papers presented at the conference that are likely to be useful and enlightening for teachers in practice, especially present and future JALT members. Such papers are likely to report on recent research and be well-founded on a review of previous publications.

Presenters at JALT2009 submitted 111 papers for publication, of which 83 have successfully passed through peer-review and editing to appear in these pages.

This passage through peer-review and editing is a reflective process that is, in itself, an active mirror and a teaching-learning dialogue. Such a dialogue is, of course, the richer if the teacher too is a ready learner — "by your pupils you'll be taught" (Hammerstein, The King and I, 1951) — which encourages us to see reviewing and editing too as learning roles.

Last year a majority of our editors were taking on the role for the first time; this year a majority of them volunteered again; and many others of our reviewers and editors have been contributing steadily, year by year. This rising pool of experience and expertise is a great asset. It is surely a sign of the good health of JALT, as a community of learners-and-teachers, that the efforts, skill, and inspiration of so many authors, reviewers, and editors have together brought the JALT2009 Conference Proceedings to fruition. Warm and respectful thanks to all of them.

Editor-in-Chief Alan Stoke

Editorial Staff


  • Alan Stoke - Tokyo Keizai University

Reading Committee Coordinator

  • Theron Muller - Noah Learning Center (Nagano)

Administrative Coordinator

  • Malcolm Swanson - Seinan Jo Gakuin University

Senior Associate Editors

  • Aleda Krause - Seigakuin Daigaku
  • Theron Muller - Noah Learning Center (Nagano)

Associate Editors

  • Aaron Olaf Batty - Keio University
  • Stasha DeMent - Temple University
  • Loran Edwards - Kansai Gaidai University
  • Naomi Fujishima - Okayama University
  • Scott Gardner - Okayama University
  • Aleda Krause - Seigakuin Daigaku
  • Shirley Leane - Chugoku Junior College
  • Wilma Luth - Hokkai Gakuen University
  • Brian McMillan - Hiroshima Bunkyo Women's University
  • John Racine - Dokkyo University
  • Greg Rouault - Hirao School of Management, Konan University
  • Tetyana Sayenko - Nagoya University of Commerce and Business
  • Alison Stewart - Gakushuin University
  • Chris Wharton- CES English School (Sakata, Yamagata)

Assistant Editors

  • Kirsten Anderson - Aid India - Eureka Child (Chennai, India)
  • Daniel Arrieta - Ritsumeikan University
  • Mark Brierley - Shinshu University
  • Peter Clements - Shizuoka University
  • Hywel Evans - Tsuru University
  • Steven Herder - Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts
  • Mariko Miyao - Tsukuba Gakuin University
  • Peter Parise - Rikkyo University
  • Joe Siegel - Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
  • Nozomu Sonda- Yamaguchi University

Design, Layout, and Web Editing

  • Malcolm Swanson

Published by

The Japan Association for Language Teaching August 2010 Tokyo, Japan

Copyright & Cataloguing Data

  • JALT President: Caroline Lloyd
  • Publications Board Chair: Steve Brown


Copyright © 2010 by the Japan Association for Language Teaching. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be used or reproduced in any form without written permission from JALT, except in cases of brief quotations embodied in scholarly articles and reviews.

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JALT2009 Conference Proceedings, JALT Central Office, Urban Edge Bldg., 5th Floor, 1-37-9 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016, JAPAN

Cataloging Data

Stoke, A.M. (ed.) JALT2009: The Teaching-Learning Dialogue: An Active Mirror


1. Second Language Teaching—Second Language Learning—Teacher Education 1. Title August 2010 ISBN: 978-4-901352-32-1 (JALT2009 Conference Proceedings)

Editorial Advisory Board for the JALT2009 Conference Proceedings

  • Daniel Arrieta—Ritsumeikan University
  • Chris Baldwin—British Council, Hong Kong
  • Aaron Olaf Batty—Keio University
  • Yvonne Beaudry—Aston University
  • Gregory Birch—Seisen Jogakuin College
  • Kim Bradford-Watts—Kyoto Women's College and University
  • Mark Brierley—Shinshu University
  • Howard Brown—University of Niigata Prefecture
  • Dale Brown—Nanzan University
  • Joyce Cunningham—Ibaraki University
  • Hywel Evans—Tsuru University
  • Susan Gould—University of Maryland
  • Jerrod Hansen—
  • Martin Hawkes—Ritsumeikan University
  • George Hays—Tokyo International University
  • Neil Heffernan—English Education Center, Ehime University
  • Joseph Heilman—Digital Hollywood University
  • Steven Herder—Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts
  • Keiko Iizuka—Kwansei Gakuin University
  • Cecilia Ikeguchi—Tsukuba Gakuin University
  • Alexander Imig—Chukyo University
  • Najma Janjua—Kagawa Prefectural College of Health Sciences
  • Akemi Kamiya—Teachers College Columbia University Graduate Advisor
  • Barry Keith—Gunma University
  • Elizabeth Lange—Tokai University
  • Robert Long—Kyushu Institute of Technology
  • Linda Martine—University Of Victoria, Victoria, B.C Canada
  • Steve McGuire—Nagoya University of Arts
  • Terumi Miyazoe—Tokyo Denki University
  • Paul Moritoshi—Himeji Dokkyo University
  • Sharona Moskowitz—Alumni, Columbia University, Teachers College
  • Barbara Northwood—University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
  • David Ockert—
  • Peter Parise—Rikkyo University
  • Joseph Poulshock—Tokyo Christian University
  • John Racine—Dokkyo University
  • Rudolf Reinelt—General Education Center, Ehime University
  • Greg Rouault—Konan University, Hirao School of Management
  • Paul Rowan—Yokohama City University
  • Rachael Ruegg—Kanda University of International Studies
  • Kevin Ryan—Showa Women's University
  • Stephen Ryan—St. Thomas University
  • Joshua Sargent—Gaba Corporation
  • Joe Siegel—Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
  • Colin Skeates—Seisen Unviresity
  • Nozomu Sonda—
  • Alison Stewart—Gakushuin University
  • Michael Stout—Toyo Gakuen University
  • Jill Rachele Stucker—Madonna University
  • Alice Svendson—Jumonji Womens College
  • Sachiko Takahashi—Notre Dame Seishin University
  • Dax Thomas—Meiji Gakuin University
  • Joseph Tomei—Kumamoto Gakuen University
  • Deryn Verity—Osaka Jogakuin College
  • Richard Walker—Meiji Gakuin University.
  • Christopher Wharton—CES English School
  • Saovapa Wichadee—Bangkok University


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