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Date of publication: October 2006


On JALT2005: Sharing Our Stories

The theme of the JALT2005 conference was Sharing our Stories. This theme, supported by innovative presentation formats, inspired both presenters and attendees alike, resulting in a convivial conference atmosphere. The manuscripts selected for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings represent the broad range of papers, workshops, demonstrations, and poster sessions in which researchers, teachers, material writers, and students shared their stories of language learning and teaching, with a special emphasis on practice in the Japanese context.


The papers in the Proceedings have been designated according to their focus to categories including: Issues in the profession, The learner, The language, Approaches to instruction, Teaching with technology, Of global importance for learners and teachers, Reading and writing, Testing and evaluation, and Teaching languages other than English. The contributions reflect current issues and practice in the field of foreign language instruction as described by the conference theme.

In this Conference Proceedings you will find over 100 papers in which we hope you will find information and ideas to support and motivate you in your learning, teaching, and research. We also hope that this volume encourages further cooperation, collaboration, and discussion of language learning and teaching contexts by teachers, students, material designers, and researchers.

We owe our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the dedicated team of volunteers who worked tirelessly to bring the Proceedings to press: Robert Betts, Torkil Christensen, Scott Gardner, Megumi Kawate-Mierzejewska (Japanese Editor), Robert Long, Theron Muller, Ted O'Neill, Greg Rouault, Michael Schart (German Editor), Joseph Sheehan, Robert Taferner, our Reading Committee, and, finally, the authors.

We look forward to exploring the JALT2006 conference theme of Community, Identity, Motivation in next year's Proceedings.

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Kim Bradford-Watts
Cecilia Ikeguchi
Malcolm Swanson

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  • Robert Betts
  • Torkil Christensen
  • Scott Gardner
  • Megumi Kawate-Mierzejewska (Japanese Editor)
  • Robert Long
  • Theron Muller
  • Ted O'Neill
  • Greg Rouault
  • Michael Schart (German Editor)
  • Joseph Sheehan
  • Robert Taferner

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The Japan Association for Language Teaching
August 2006
Tokyo, Japan


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Bradford-Watts, Ikeguchi, Swanson (eds.)
On JALT2005: Sharing Our Stories


1. Second Language Teaching—Second Language Learning—Teacher Education
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August 2006
ISBN: 4-901352-20-2 (JALT2005 Conference Proceedings)


Editorial Advisory Board for the JALT2005 Conference Proceedings

  • Jacoba Akazawa—Kansai University
  • Daniele Allard—Osaka University
  • Kim Bradford-Watts—Shiga University, Otsu Campus
  • Torkil Christensen—Hokusei University Junior College
  • Steve Cornwell—Osaka Jogakuin College
  • Brian Cullen—Nagoya Institute of Technology
  • Joyce Cunningham—Ibaraki University
  • Harry Dauer—
  • Derek Di Matteo—
  • Scott Gardner—Okayama University
  • Susan Gould—Chubu University
  • Nicolas Gromik—
  • Matthias Gruenewald—Matsuyama University
  • Julia Harper-Tanaka—
  • Neil Heffernan—Hiroshima Shudo University
  • Anne McLellan Howard—Miyazaki International College
  • Cecilia Ikeguchi—Asociate Professor, Tsukuba Gakuin University
  • Douglas Jarrell—
  • Brent Jones—Kobe Gakuin University
  • Megumi Kawate-Mierzejewska—Temple University Japan
  • Aleda Krause—aleda@tba.t-com.ne.jp
  • Darren Lingley—Dept. of International Studies, Kochi University
  • Robert Long—Kyushu Institute of Technology
  • Damian Lucantonio—Associate Professor, University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo
  • Laura MacGregor—Gakushuin University
  • Pete Mauser—
  • Steve McGuire—Nagoya University of Arts
  • Theron Muller—Noah Learning Center
  • Yoko Munezane—University of Electro Communications
  • Heidi Evans Nachi—
  • Ted O'Neill—Obirin University
  • David Ockert—Shinshu University
  • Jonathan D. Picken—Tsuda College
  • Andrew Reimann—Utsunomiya University, Faculty of International Studies
  • Greg Rouault—Akashi National College of Technology/Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Stephen M. Ryan—Eichi (Sapientia) University
  • Kevin Ryan—Showa Women's University
  • Eric M. Skier—Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science
  • Christopher W. Storey—University of Kitakyushu
  • Michael Stout—Takushoku University
  • Malcolm R. Swanson—Seinan Jo Gakuin University, Kitakyushu


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