JALT Journal - Issue 31.2; November 2009

Volume: 31
Issue No. 2
Date of publication: November 2009
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  • Reflective Language Teaching: From Research to Practice (Thomas S. C. Farrell) Reviewed by Darren Elliott
  • Teaching Academic Writing (Patricia Friedrich [Ed.]) Reviewed by Kathie Era
  • Technologies in the Second Language Classroom (Joel Bloch)Reviewed by Christian Perry
  • Teaching English Language Learners through Technology (Tony Erben, Ruth Ban, & Martha Castañeda) Reviewed by Michael Thomas
  • Teaching ESL/EFL Listening and Speaking (I. S. P. Nation & Jonathan Newton) Reviewed by Margarete Wells
  • Teaching ESL/EFL Reading and Writing (I. S. P. Nation) Reviewed by Margarete Wells


JALT Journal

Gender and Language Learning at Home and Abroad
by Eton Churchill, Kanagawa University

The Newspaper Word List: A Specialised Vocabulary for Reading Newspapers
by (Teresa) Mihwa Chung、 Korea University of Sejong, South Korea

Japanese Learners' Demotivation to Study English: A Survey Study
by Keita Kikuchi, Tokai University and Hideki Sakai, Shinshu University

保育士養成課程の学生に対する英語学習に関する調査 -English for Specific Purposes(ESP)の視点から― English for Specific Purposes (ESP) for Students of Early-Childhood Education: Focus on Needs Analysis
by カレイラ松崎順子

3つのレベルの内発的動機づけを高める: 動機づけを高める方略の効果検証 - Enhancing Intrinsic Motivation in Three Levels: The Effects of the Motivational Strategy
by 田中博晃

Research Forum: Accessibility of the Sojourn Experience and its Impact on Second Language Study, Education, and Research
by Yoko Kobayashi, Iwate University

Perspectives: To Challenge the Unchallenged: Potential of Non-“Standard” Englishes for Japanese EFL Learners
by Kazufumi Miyagi, Masatoshi, and Sato Alison Crump


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