JALT Journal - Issue 27.1; May 2005

Volume: 27
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: May 2005
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  • The Handbook of Bilingualism. (Tej K. Bhatia & William C. Ritchie, Eds.) Reviewed by Debra L. Simms
  • Teaching Listening in the Language Classroom. (Christine C. M. Goh) Reviewed by Justin Falkus
  • Managing Vocabulary Learning. (Paul Nation) Reviewed by Andy Maggs
  • Methodology and Materials Design in Language Teaching: Current Perceptions and Practices and their Implications. Anthology Series 44. (Willy A. Renandya, Ed.) Reviewed by Paul Lyddon
  • The Power of Context in Language Teaching and Learning. (Jan Frodesen & Christine Holten, Eds.)
  • Reviewed by Michael Kindler


JALT Journal

Directives and Assessments in Japanese Native and Nonnative Conversation
by Yuri Hosoda, Kanagawa University

Problems in Top-Down Goal Setting in Second Language Education: A Case Study of the “Action Plan to Cultivate ‘Japanese with English Abilities’”
by Yumi Hato, Fukui Prefectural University

Awareness of Teaching through Action Research: Examples, Benefits, Limitations
by Jerry G. Gebhard, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Research Forum: Score Reliability and Placement Testing
by Paul A. Westrick, Kyushu University

Perspectives: Short-Term Overseas Study Programs: A Survey of Private Junior High Schools in Tokyo
by Herbert E. Brauer, Hosei University, Second Junior High School

by Debra L. Simms, Justin Falkus, Andy Maggs, Paul Lyddon, and Michael Kindler

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