JALT Journal - Issue 19.1; May 1997

Volume: 19
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: May 1997
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JALT Journal

Influence of Learning Context on Learners' Use of Communication Strategies
by Kyo Kitajima, San Diego State University

The Eiken Test: An Investigation
by Laura MacGregor, Sapporo International University

Assessing EFL Student Progress in Critical Thinking With the Ennis-Weir Critical Thinking Essay Test
by Bruce W. Davidson, Hokusei Gakuen University; Rodney A. Dunham, Tezukayama College

Contrastive Rhetoric in Letter Writing: The Interaction of Linguistic Proficiency and Cultural Awareness
by Taeko Kamimura, Senshu University; Kyoko Oi, Toyo Gakuen University

by 加藤好崇, 東海大学留学生センター

Research Forum: Japanese EFL Learners' Test-Type Related InterIanguage Variability
by Akihiro Ito, Hiroshima University

Research Forum: Codeswitching in EFL Learner Discourse
by Ethel Ogane, Tokyo Y.M.C.A

Perspectives: Japanese and American Television Commercials: A Cultural Study with TEFL Applications
by Paul Stapleton, Hokkaido University

by Steve McCarthy, Brian C. Damian Lucantonio, Hugh Molloy, Kevin Varden, Randall David, and Charles Adamson

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