JALT Journal

JALT Journal (JJ) is the research journal for the organisation. It is published twice yearly; in the spring and in the fall.

JALT Journal is the research journal of the Japan Association for Language Teaching. It is published semiannually, in May and November, with submissions accepted throughout the year. Papers are first screened by the Editor to ensure that submissions guidelines have been met and to determine whether the paper merits further independent review. Most importantly, submissions must meet the remit of JALT Journal which, as an applied research journal, is to link theory to practice. JALT Journal places a high premium on anonymous peer review. If a submission passes through the screening process, the paper is assigned to Editorial Advisory Board members and additional readers with specialization in the area of the submission. JALT Journal publishes both quantitative and qualitative research. Authors hoping to publish research in JALT Journal may submit in either Japanese or English.

Submitting authors should ensure that manuscripts:

  • meet the remit of JALT Journal
  • are written to the standard of good final copy with appropriate register, formatting and referencing
  • follow the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th Edition
  • include a Japanese abstract for English submissions and an English abstract for Japanese submissions

For more detailed information, please refer to the Submission Guidelines.

Current JALT Journal Editorial Staff

  • Editor: Anne McLellan Howard Miyazaki International College
  • Associate Editor: To be decided: Apply here
  • Consulting Editor: Greg Sholdt Kobe University
  • Reviews Editor: Greg Rouault Tezukayama Gakuin University
  • Japanese-Language Editor: Ken Urano Hokkai-Gakuen University

Editorial Board

  • Bill Acton Trinity Western University, Canada
  • David Aline Kanagawa University
  • David Beglar Temple University–Japan Campus
  • Neil Cowie Okayama University
  • James Dean Brown University of Hawai’i, Manoa, USA
  • Charles Browne Aoyama Gakuin University
  • Christine Pearson Casanave Temple University–Japan Campus
  • Eton Churchill Kanagawa University
  • Steve Cornwell Osaka Jogakuin College
  • Ann Ediger Hunter College, City University of New York, USA
  • Peter Gobel Kyoto Sangyo University
  • Yuko Goto Butler University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Tim Greer Kobe University
  • Mike Guest University of Miyazaki
  • Yuri Hosoda Kanagawa University
  • Yuri Kite Kansai University
  • Setsuko Mori Kinki University
  • Tim Murphey Kanda University of International Studies
  • Cynthia Quinn Kobe University
  • Carol Rinnert Hiroshima City University
  • Gordon Robson Showa Women's University
  • Hideki Sakai Shinshu University
  • Hidetoshi Saito Ibaraki University
  • David Shea Keio University
  • Tamara Swenson Osaka Jogakuin College
  • Donna Tatsuki Kobe City University of Foreign Studies
  • Deryn Verity Osaka Jogakuin College
  • Yoshinori J. Watanabe Sophia University
  • Sayoko Yamashita Meikai University
  • Jack Yohay Seifu Gakuen, Osaka

JALT Journal Production Editor: Aleda Krause

Proofreading: Mayumi Fujioka, Seiji Fukazawa, Megumi Kawate-Mierzejewska, Aleda Krause, Greg Rouault, Joseph Sheehan, Jack Yohay

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