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Listed here are some of the more common queries directed to The Language Teacher along with detailed answers. There are also pages available with general FAQs about JALT's publications, as well as specific pages for JALT Journal and the Conference Proceedings. If you have other queries and questions you would like answered, please send them to the editors through the Contact page on this site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I receive The Language Teacher?

Subscriptions to The Language Teacher and JALT Journal are included in your JALT membership.
Institutional subscriptions are also available for JJ and TLT. Information on this can be found by going to the JALT website at www.jalt.org/main/join or by contacting JALT's Central Office through the contacts link on JALTs' main website.

Q: How can I get back issues of copies or articles?

You can find PDFs of most material published on this website. You can also order back issues of The Language Teacher or copies of articles through the JALT Shop.

Q: How do I submit a manuscript to The Language Teacher?

Read the guidelines that can be found in each issue of The Language Teacher and on this website. Once you have decided which section is appropriate for your manuscript, submit it to the designated editor following the format described in the guidelines.