Teacher Modeling to Motivate Extensive Reading Students in an EFL Context


  • Anita Kurniawati Hadiyanto Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana


This study aims at investigating the teacher modeling as a motivation tool in Extensive Reading (ER) classes from both the teachers’ and students’ point of view. The in-depth interviews with four ER teachers were used to explore the teachers’ perceptions toward becoming a reading model and the extent they perceived the effect of teacher modeling to motivate the students to read. The questionnaire distributed to 112 ER students was used to explore the extent the students perceived teacher modeling as their motivation to read more. The findings showed that the teachers valued modeling in a positive way. Nevertheless, they still perceived that modeling may not be effective enough to boost the students’ reading motivation. Although the students felt very positive toward teacher modeling the act of reading during Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) session, they did not perceive this as their biggest motivation to read more.






Extensive Reading World Congress Proceedings