Encouraging L2 Science Majors to Talk Using L1 Readers


  • Sae Matsuda Setsunan University
  • Makoto Imura Osaka Institute of Technology
  • Noriko Nakanishi Kobe Gakuin University


This pilot study attempted to examine whether repetitive input and output with L1 readers can help university science majors improve their speaking skills. The experimental group (14 science majors) had ten 90-minute classes where they read and listened to Oxford Reading Tree, followed by a series of practice activities including shadowing, repeating, reading aloud, and a book talk/retelling the story. Three types of online tests—Progress, Versant, and OPIc—were also conducted before and after the treatment, and the results of the pre- and post-tests were compared within the experimental group. The control group (4 science majors) also took the same tests without any treatment. Despite the limited time period, most students in the experimental group showed improvements in some elements measured by the tests mentioned above while the control group failed to maintain their original level.







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