Extensive Reading: A Pilot Project to Change Students’ Perception on Reading


  • Istiqomah Nur Rahmawati Universitas Islam Negeri Raden Intan Lampung


Extensive Reading, Perception, Pilot Project


This study aimed to investigate the effects of an Extensive Reading course on English Education Study Program students in a university in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia. Extensive Reading was set as a compulsory subject for the fifth semester. The aim of this course was to create an English-learning environment in which students are highly motivated to read, especially reading English texts. The program learning objectives are to improve the students’ reading fluency, to enable them to read critically, and to change their perception of reading. Two classes participated in this study. Data were collected from weekly reading logs, students’ book reports, and student questionnaires. The reading material was taken from students’ preferences since they were given the chance to choose some books provided by the librarians. The result after conducting an eight-week Extensive Reading course was the students’ reading fluency improved, they were able to read critically, and their perception on reading had changed.






Extensive Reading World Congress Proceedings