Effective strategies to get students hooked on reading


  • Yih Tyan Tan Nil


In a digital age where teenagers are addicted to activities related to technology, reading is losing its appeal. At Edgefield Secondary School, the goal of our reading programme, Read@Edgefield, is simple – to make reading enjoyable and relevant for our students. To encourage extensive reading, the school library is well-stocked with a wide range of literature of different genres by local and international authors. To further support reading, there is a dedicated weekly reading period, fortnightly book recommendations by teachers and students, visits to the library during curriculum hours, partnership with the National Library Board as well as talks and workshops conducted by local and international authors. Through rigorous planning and active involvement by both teachers and students, Read@Edgefield has taken off and witnessed growing interest and enthusiasm in reading among teachers and students. While teachers are excited and motivated to explore other innovative ways to promote school-wide reading, students are engaged, well-informed and empowered.






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