Read More Project: Reading Ability and Motivation Issues


  • Emilia Maria Fujigaki Sapporo International University


reading speed and comprehension, motivation to read, Graded Readers


College-age students and adults who sign up for the Read More Project, a voluntary, extracurricular class at a private university in Sapporo, Japan, have different expectations and face different problems. This paper presents a study of the problems experienced by the students and the instructor during the Read More Project and describes measures taken to address them. The data from pre- and post-reading speed and comprehension tests show that slow readers and learners with low proficiency in English need to read a certain number of the lowest-level Graded Readers to make a significant impact on their English reading skills. A variety of activities are used during the project to keep students’ motivation high, as well as improve reading speed and comprehension, and develop reader autonomy and good reading habits.






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