Attributes of Student Success in the Extensive Reading Program at Feng Chia University: Initial Analysis of an Initial Implementation


  • Richard H Davis a:1:{s:5:"en_US";s:20:"Feng Chia University";}
  • Hui-chia Judy Shih Feng Chia University
  • Tzu Hsuan Liu Feng Chia University
  • Michael McCollister Feng Chia University


Extensive Reading, successful readers, opt out, buy in, low motivation, high motivation, interviews


This analysis of the newly expanded Extensive Reading (ER) Program now required of all entering students at Feng Chia University reports on our current investigation in 2018-2019 of what seems to cause students to buy in or to opt out of the program. We report on attributes of the best and the worst readers, keyed to a survey of all freshman students and self-disclosure in interviews with a small sample of volunteer readers and non-readers. Beglar and Hunt (2014) suggest that extensive or pleasure reading, particularly of graded readers, can be shown to increase reading rate with lower and intermediate students.






Extensive Reading World Congress Proceedings