The The Effects of Book Talk on ER for Junior High School Students' Reading Ability


  • Noriko Kurishita


Sociocultural approach, Follow-up activities, ER, Junior high school


Extensive reading (ER) is regarded as an ideal input for L2 acquisition in communicative language teaching (CLT). However, it takes a long time to foster observable language ability only through sustained silent reading (SSR). Also, ER practice that follows the principle of pleasure reading without comprehension questions does not guarantee whether or not the students understand the stories by reading them. This study challenged how to instruct ER so as to enhance students’ reading quality and elicit students’ reading ability, fostered through SSR in a public junior high school, through book talk (BT) in the sociocultural context. As a consequence of six months of practice, the students’ reading ability had started to show a moderate positive correlation with their reading amount. Moreover, individual reflection logs and interviews with target students across levels supported the phenomenon with evidence of teacher and student-scaffoldings.






Extensive Reading World Congress Proceedings