Content and Current Events: The Effectiveness of Magazines in ER


  • Dr. Wendy M. Gough Bunkyo Gakuin University


Current Events, Authentic Materials


Students in a second year upper-intermediate (CEFR B2) level reading and writing class at a Japanese marine science university took part in sustained silent reading time at the beginning of each class session. They were given the choice of reading graded readers from the university’s library or Scholastic Mary Glasgow and Science World magazines that the instructor brought to class. Analysis of an end of semester survey and book reports indicated the students enjoyed the magazines because the stories were short, the topics were current, colorful photos and illustrations helped them understand difficult contents, and they could read topics of interest to their age group and academic studies. This paper will discuss the usefulness of graded reader magazines as a means to introduce authentic ER materials and enable students to access trending content related to their age group and interests.






Extensive Reading World Congress Proceedings