Measuring Engagement in ER: Individual vs. Group Activities

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Barry H Grossman


This article discusses the intent, methods, data analyses of a one-semester quantitative investigation examining the question: Does the method (Individual vs. Group) of selecting a graded reader affect student engagement in an Extensive Reading activity? The discussion presents evidence that learner engagement in ER-related activities is affected by whether the individual or group chooses the reader. According to the results of the weekly questionnaire data, first-year university students in Japan who choose readers individually will likely be more concentrated when discussing their reader with other students. Other significant results appear in the variables of Discussion  and Selection , both relating to Enjoyment. These results tentatively suggest that when participants select readers individually, they enjoy the discussion slightly more, but when they select readers as a group, they enjoy the selection process more. The data points indicating significance, even though effect sizes ranged from medium to very small, are an indication that there is a possible relationship between engagement and individual/group reading choices for these variables. 

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