Mixed Media

Discoveries upon integrating paper-based and screen-based Supplementary Extensive Reading (SER) programs in Reading and non-Reading courses


  • Richard John Walker Reitaku University


Extensive Reading, Screen-based media, Paper-based media


Until recently, Extensive Reading (ER) programs for ELT students predominantly used paper-based books. New developments in technology have, however, led to an increase in the use of screen-based media. This paper describes an ER context in which both media were used. Over two academic years, students (from eight courses in two universities) participated in what the writer termed Supplementary Extensive Reading (SER) programs and completed questionnaires at the end of the year. Student performances in SER programs were assigned a low percentage for each course. This paper describes why both media were used in the author's working contexts and also comments on their benefits and drawbacks. It concludes with analyses from a January 2017 questionnaire that had a special focus on screen-based reading.






Extensive Reading World Congress Proceedings