Sticky Situations and Becoming a Graded Reader Author


  • Kyle A Maclauchlan Miyagi Gakuin University


Recognized by the Extensive Reading Foundation as a Language Learner Literature Award Finalist in 2016, the author’s work was his first venture into the world of graded readers. Creating it, just like raising its titular character, was hard work punctuated by a series of challenges, mishaps, and hard choices. Some challenges are certainly ubiquitous for new writers in the world of graded readers—finding a publisher, choosing words and grammar to meet level requirements, and coming to a consensus with one’s editor. Other challenges are perhaps more unique, such as rewrites caused by illustration errors borne of the Japanese-English language barrier. Through the help of a veteran editor, a supportive community of educators, and a fair bit of luck, the author succeeded with lessons learned. This paper focuses on those lessons and on many of the unique aspects of graded reader authorship.






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