The Influence of Bibliographies and Book Displays on Motivation for Extensive Reading


  • Rebecca Calman Kyoto University of Foreign Studies


bibliography, display, booklist, extensive reading program, motivation, book selection


This paper discusses the use of short annotated bibliographies of books available for students participating in an extensive reading program at a Japanese university. These bibliographies, along with displays of books, are available in the extensive reading room of the university library. Are they a resource that is used by the students? Do they attract readers and help motivate them to find books that they might enjoy reading? A brief survey of first and second year students who are participating in the Extensive Reading Program was conducted and their awareness of and response to the bibliographies and displays was sought. Their response overall was positive. However, an unexpected observation was that many students were unaware of the purpose of the bibliographies and consequently never made independent use of that resource.






Extensive Reading World Congress Proceedings