Learner Reflections on Extensive Reading Materials


  • Thomas Edward Bieri Nanzan University


learner preferences


This paper presents a summary and analysis of qualitative data on learner preferences in extensive reading materials. The study used data collected during one academic year from three convenience samples (intact classes) totaling 94 students, of which 87 both responded and agreed to allow the researcher-instructor to use responses for research. The learners were all first-year students in majors other than English in a required English Reading course at a private university in Japan. The learners were required to choose extensive reading materials, read, and describe them every week, and to complete five guided reflections over two semesters as part of the reading course. The data presented is from the responses to several questions related to how the learners chose readers, the types of books they liked to read, and what made for good or interesting books. Results support the principles of providing variety, choice, and easy materials for extensive reading.






Extensive Reading World Congress Proceedings