Researching Extensive Reading and an Online Library


  • Sebastian Brooke
  • Jeffrey Bruce
  • Juergen Bulach Jissen Women’s University
  • B.J. Butler
  • Joseph Dias
  • Gregory Butler Strong Aoyama Gakuin University
  • Mitsue Tamai-Allen


extensive reading, action research, CALL, virtual library, graded readers


This action research project evaluated an integrated skills approach to ER through in-class reading and discussion and utilizing an online library of graded readers. In addition to class time consisting of 15 minutes of silent reading, then 15 minutes for book talks, students were assigned reading for homework. Eighty-two sophomore students in five classes who accessed the library over a 12-week period were compared to 104 students in six classes serving as a control. Pretest and posttest measures indicated a statistically significant difference in vocabulary growth for the experimental group. An end-of-term survey indicated student preference for paperbacks over digital books, but nearly half found it easier to find books in the digital library than in a physical one. In addition, 59% felt that the digital library improved their English skills. After making classroom observations and creating summaries, teachers expressed optimism for this approach to ER.






Extensive Reading World Congress Proceedings