Full-time instructor in self-access learning center

This position entails working in the university's large and well-equipped self-access learning center (SALC) at the Tempaku campus. The primary responsibility is to support science major students in writing and presenting their research in English.

Job details: 

Start date:
April 2024

Full-time one-year contract, renewable 4 times (for a total of 5 years)

Qualifications required:
1. Masters degree or above
2. Two or more academic publications
3. Experience in tertiary education
4. English-level proficiency
5. Ability in Japanese for basic work-related communications
6. Ability to contribute to education and research at this university
7. Ability to help promote internationalization through study abroad and research support
8. Agreement with the university’s mission and ethos
9. After being employed, to reside in the vicinity of Nagoya

1. Work related to the self-access learning center
2. Primary duties entail supporting science major students to write and present research reports in English

Meijo University Tempaku Campus

1. Salary: ¥5,000,000 per year
2. Research allowance: ¥200,000 per year

Please note: The above information is a rough guide only. For the precise details, please go to the official job posting on the university website, here:

Monday, December 11, 2023
Less than 1 day remaining
Contact details: 

Please go to the official job posting page on the university website for how to apply.