Part-Time Positions at Tokyo University of Science, Kagurazaka Campus

Motivated, relatively high level students with good study skills on a campus located near Iidabashi Station, Shinjuku-ku

Job details: 

Tokyo University of Science (Kagurazaka Campus, located near Iidabashi station in Shinjuku) is looking for part time teachers for April 2024. The students are motivated, relatively high level and have good study skills. We give teachers a fair amount of latitude to create their own syllabi (provided a given text isn't already being used for a different class).

We are looking for candidates who...

1. can teach any of the following:

a) Monday 3rd and 4th (Listening and Speaking for 1st and 2nd years, required)
b) Thursday 1st and 2nd (International Communication for 3rd and 4th years, elective)
c) Friday 2nd and 3rd (Reading and Writing for 1st and 2nd years, required)

2. has a master's degree (preferably PhD.)

3. has teaching experience

4. will not be a student by the time classes commence

If you are interested, please send a resume (for initial screening, any format is okay) to Kanako Tomaru at

Sunday, December 31, 2023
23 days remaining
Contact details: