Full-Time Contracted English Instructor,Hiroshima Shudo University

Position:Full-time contracted instructor
10 teaching classes per week
3 office-hour periods per week
Summer/spring intensive classes (if required)

Job details: 

Full-Time Contracted English Instructor

Term of Contract
2-year contract from April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2026
Renewable once, for a period of 2 years, if agreeable to both parties

1.A person whose first language is English or who has the equivalent competence in English.
2.At least a M.A/M.Ed. in TESOL, TESL/TEFL, Applied Linguistics, Linguistics, International Relations or Cross-Cultural Communication, or equivalent/higher qualifications.
3.Sufficient Japanese language ability to carry out various responsibilities within the university.
4.Ability to teach English subjects including ‘English (Listening & Speaking)’, ‘English (Reading & Writing)’, and ‘Business English’ as well as other related subjects.
5.To be resident in Hiroshima city or its vicinity once employed.

Application Materials
1.CV with a photo attached.
2.A copy of the applicant’s B.A. and M.A./M.Ed. certificates.
3.A copy (or original) of three main academic publications.
4.A five-minute recording in English of the applicant’s self-introduction and views on teaching English, submitted as an audio file (in mp3 or wav format) on a CD, DVD, or USB memory stick.
5.A sample course outline describing 16 ninety-minute lessons (including a final test) for a 1st year required ‘English (Listening & Speaking)’ course for students at CEFR Pre-A1 to lower A1 level (Please use the downloadable template).

1.Salary: Paid in accordance with the university’s rules and regulations
¥4,800,000 a year / ¥400,000 per month
2.Research allowance of up to a maximum of ¥338,000 a year (as per academic year 2022)
3.Travel Allowance, Housing Allowance, Allowance for Dependent(s)
4.Pension and health insurance, employment insurance, workers’ compensation plan, asset-building savings plan etc.
5.Holidays are typically Sundays, national holidays, New Year, Founding Anniversary of HSU (Nov. 4th) and paid holidays. However, depending on the academic calendar, some classes/office hours are required on national holidays and during holiday periods.

Selection Procedure
Stage 1: Examination of application materials
Stage 2: Selected applicants will be called for an interview.
The interview will be conducted in English and Japanese. Interviewees will be asked to deliver a demonstration class as part of the interview.
*Depending on the COVID-19 situation, Stage 2 of the selection procedure may be held online (e.g. via Zoom).

Contact Details for Further Information
Hiroshima Shudo University
Personnel Office
Tel 082-830-1105
Fax: (082)830-1325
E-mail: jinji@js.shudo-u.ac.jp

Friday, July 28, 2023
49 days remaining
Contact details: 

Application Submission
Supplementary application documents are to be downloaded from the JREC-IN website.
Application materials are to be sent by registered mail and will not be accepted if sent by e-mail.
Please clearly mark the envelope with: 外国語契約教員応募 (in red)
Application materials should be addressed to:

President Izumi Yano
Personnel Affairs Office,
Hiroshima Shudo University,
1-1-1, Ozuka-Higashi,