Part Time English Instructor

Solo teach a set curriculum to classes of approx. 14-16 Junior High 1 and 2 students on Tuesday and Wednesday AM-8 hours a week.

Job details: 

Part Time JHS English Instructor needed from September 1, 2023. 1 year renewable contract.

Hosei University Dai 2 Junior High School, Musashi Ko Sugi stn., Kawasaki, Kanagawa
Solo teach 4-9 hours/classes, Junior high School classes (approx 14/16 students in each class) on Tuesday mornings and all day Wednesdays. Set curriculum, keynote lessons provided, in class & outside class responsibilities include, student evaluation, quiz & term paper test preparation-mostly I need your voice recorded, student presentation prep., etc.
Qualifications: university degree, teaching experience, team player attitude, Open minded and flexible.
Salary is based on education, experience & age according to Hosei University regulations and is paid in full 12 months a year.

Saturday, July 1, 2023
22 days remaining
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