International Understanding Instructor (English Instructors for cultural understanding) Yokohama City (12/17)

The Yokohama Board of Education is recruiting foreign instructors to work in its elementary International Understanding Program. The aim of the program is for the students to learn about the instructor's country and culture. The lessons are done in English. 


Job details: 

1 Requirements/ Qualifications:

(1) Nationality: All nationalities with valid working visa.
(2) Education: College degree or equivalent and have conversational English and Japanese skills.
(3) Must have interest in education and be able to work with children.
※Individuals who fall under the disqualification items in Article 16 below need not to apply.
①A person who has been sentenced to prison and who is still under the sentence or still subject to the condition/ restrictions
of the sentence.
②A Yokohama City employee who has been summarily dismissed for gross misconduct and is still within the two year
employment ban.
③A member of Human Resources Committee or Equity Committee who has committed a crime as prescribed in Chapter 5 of
the Local Service Public Act.
④A person who subverted the Japanese Constitution or its enacted government through violence and/or has formed or
joined a political party or an organization that exists or existed for such purposes, after the enactment of the Japanese

2 Terms and Conditions:

(1) Working hours: 3 to 4 hours a day (morning), 2 days a week
(2) Location: Yokohama public elementary schools
(3) Pay/Remuneration: 3,000 yen/hour
(4) Period of Employment: From early April 2022 to March 31, 2023
(5) Transportation Allowance: Public transportation allowance provided

3 Other Information:

Applicants will be contacted individually regarding interview date, time, and place (sometime in January, 2022).

4 How to Apply:

Access this link and download the application form (PDF︓483KB).

Submit the required documents to the address provided on
the application form no later than December 17, 2021 (Friday).

Friday, December 17, 2021
17 days remaining
Contact details: 

〒231-0005 横浜市中区本町6-50-10
横浜市教育委員会事務局⼩中学校企画課 国際理解教室担当 宛
(Note: Submitted documents will not be returned.)