Full-Time Primary School Teacher at Assumption Kokusai Elementary School 10/31

A full-time teaching position at a private elementary school in Minoh, Osaka. Lessons to be taught include not only English but also Math, and/or Science, Music, and Social Studies as well as Homeroom duties. All lessons are taught in an English immersion style environment.


Job details: 

1. At least a Bachelor’s degree in Education, Linguistics, or English as a Second Language preferred
2. At least a basic certification in TESOL or CELTA
3. At least two years of teaching experience in Japan or abroad, preferably in a public or private elementary school
4. A valid Instructor Visa* or Spouse Visa issued by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs
5. Must currently reside in Japan
6. Native English level

Academic Responsibilities
The teacher is expected to follow the Japanese curriculum to design and implement learning experiences using Project-Based Learning. He/she will teach English, Maths, and/or Science, Music, and Social Studies using English as the medium of instruction. He/she will also produce materials such as tests and homework based on the Japanese version. Knowledge of Japanese is preferred, but not required.

The teacher must have classroom management and lesson planning skills. He/she must know how to use educational technology tools effectively.

Homeroom Responsibilities
The teacher and a Japanese counterpart oversee homeroom tasks such as morning and afternoon class meetings, classroom sanitation, parent-teacher conferences, school bus duties, etc. 

Base salary is calculated according to age, teaching experience and qualifications. Teachers at Assumption can also qualify for additional monthly allowances depending on their individual circumstances. Assumption also provides teachers with biannual bonuses, with the total amount being divided by 12 and distributed monthly. Daily public transport commuting costs are also fully covered.

Application Materials
Please send your CV / resume to immersion@kokusai.assumption.ed.jp and please be sure to include a cover letter as well as a short statement on your pedagogical philosophy (around 250 words).

*Candidates that are not in possession of an Instructor Visa must be able and willing to change their visa status in time to begin working at Assumption on the 1st of April 2022. The paperwork for a change of status can be provided by Assumption. 

Sunday, October 31, 2021
9 days remaining
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