English Clinic Trainer (10/1)

Tutoring students in 20-minute, person-to-person sessions as part of Utsunomiya University's English language program. Flexible schedule and hours to suit. 

Job details: 

Utsunomiya University is accepting applications for part-time positions of English Clinic Trainer starting from October 2021.

Institution: Utsunomiya University, Liberal and General Education Center
Location: 350 Mine-machi, Utsunomiya, Tochigi 321-8505 JAPAN

Position:  Part-time English Clinic Trainer (Hijokin-Toreina)
Contract Specifications: Yearly contract, renewable upon mutual agreement
Duties and Responsibilities: 1)Tutoring students in 20-minute person-to-person sessions
Salary: 2500 yen per hour
Schedule: Flexible schedule. Trainers can choose the amount of hours 
(from 1.5 to potentially 20), anytime between Mon-Fri  
8:50-17:40 that suits. Ideal for a person looking to fill gaps in 
their teaching schedule. 

Qualifications:  1) Bachelor’s degree or higher 
       2) Fluent in English 
3) Experience in teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language 

Application Materials:    1) Resume  
Additional information: Preference will be given for those living in Tochigi
For Further Information: Please contact Mr. Rory Banwell by e-mail.

Friday, October 1, 2021
5 days remaining
Contact details: 

Please contact Mr. Rory Banwell by e-mail.