Japanese Language & Literature Teacher (IB DP Language A), NUCB International College, Nagoya (6/30)

As an employee of NIC, you will be an important member of a highly collaborative boarding-only high school team focused on finding pathways to excellent student academic and individual development outcomes. 


Job details: 

• A Master’s degree (completed)
• Suitable mental and physical condition to carry out the role required
• A suitable police background or working-with-children check from home country. (Under certain circumstances this requirement may be waived)
• Formal training, including a supervised and evaluated in-school practicum component as part of a recognised university high school/secondary teaching or qualification of one year or more duration or equivalent experience in a high school
• Curriculum planning experience 

• IB DP teaching experience
• IB and case method teaching approaches knowledge and/or experience
• International student boarding school experience
• National, state or region-issued certification as a teacher / psychologist / counsellor
• First aid qualification
• 2+ years high school teaching experience
• Japanese working environment experience

Essential Attributes
• Sound communication, presentation and team mentoring skills
• High level of organisation and planning skills
• Empathetic and understanding of all stakeholder perspectives
• Keen and broad sense of humour for a multi-cultural and challenging environment
• Respectful to all members of the school community at all times
• Lead by example with high, but reasonable, expectations
• Consistent growth mindset and willing to listen and learn from all and improve
• Highly motivated and motivating
• Flexible in outlook and receptive to change as required in meeting the needs of the school 
• Constructive and solution focused
• ICT and ManageBac competent enough to be able to lead others in related functional aspects
• Knowledgeable about IB and Case Method teaching and learning approaches in theory and application across a range of subjects
• Broad working knowledge of subject-to-subject assessment and IB submission requirements
• Positively inclined towards and proactive in learning basic conversational Japanese for communication purposes with members of the administrative team
• Maintain a healthy balance between work and leisure time

- Salary 4,000,000 ~ 7,000,000 yen per annum determined by qualifications and experience
- Contract and tenure: An initial 3-year contract is given on commencement, with the first year acting as a probationary period. This is followed by a 2-year contract and then, subject to performance, conferment of tenure status.
- Retirement age: The compulsory retirement age is 65 for teaching staff and 60 for other staff
- Professional development: This is available for all teachers periodically
- Work schedule: The weekly work schedule is from Monday to Friday and 8:45~5:35 pm with a 50-minute break for lunch. Occasional weekend work is also required, dependent upon the school’s yearly event schedule
- Annual vacation and sick leave: 10 days total available in the first year, after 6 months continuous employment, and 11 days after 18 months. (The yearly total increases after each completed year of service culminating in 20 days total per year after 6 years of full service). There are also set vacation periods over summer, spring and winter. Outside of these specified vacations periods and in situations requiring sick, maternity or bereavement leave, staff are otherwise required to be at school.
- Working conditions: The NIC working conditions align with those of NUCB and in compliance with the Japanese labour laws. 
- Maternity leave: Up to six weeks leave available at full pay prior to the expected date of delivery and up to eight weeks leave at full pay post delivery
- Bereavement leave: Up to ten days available, depending on the relationship to the deceased
- Health insurance and pension scheme: Registration in the health and pension scheme is compulsory and payments are deducted from the monthly salary. (Dependants of the employee living in Japan are included in the health insurance scheme)
- Unemployment insurance scheme: Registration in the unemployment insurance scheme is compulsory and payments deducted from the monthly salary
- Commutation allowance: Allowance payments are calculated on the commutation distance and added to the monthly salary
- Transportation: One-way transportation costs to Nagoya for the candidate are provided upon submission of receipts (overseas candidates only)
- Child tuition support: 50% discount on the employee’s children’s tuition fees at NIHS (affiliated middle school) and NIC


Wednesday, June 30, 2021
49 days remaining