Lecturer or Instructor, School of Languages and Communication Institute for Promotion of Higher Education, Kobe University(講師または助教 [神戸大学大学教育推進機構国際コミュニケーションセンター])(4/20)

Kobe University's Institute for Promotion of Higher Education, the School of Languages and Communication (SOLAC), has an opening for a teacher of German as a Foreign Language who will help enrich the university's German education program. 


Job details: 

[Explanation of institution (recruitment background, institution details, explanation of project, etc.)]

School of Languages and Communication
Institute for Promotion of Higher Education, Kobe University

Located within Kobe University's Institute for Promotion of Higher Education, the School of Languages and Communication (SOLAC), has an opening for a teacher of German as a Foreign Language (limited-term lecturer or instructor) who will help enrich the university's German education program as outlined below. There are no restrictions on nationality, but applicants should be native speakers of German (or have an equivalent level of language proficiency) and possess sufficient Japanese proficiency to deal with work-related matters.

German Education (DaF, DaZ) or a related field of research

[Job details (duties, subject responsible for, etc.)]
(1)The successful applicant will be responsible for 8—10 classes per week (90 minutes for 16 weeks per semester with 16 to 20 classes per year). Classes will consist of German subjects in the university's General Education program (such as Basic German B/SB, and Intermediate German C), as well as other under-graduate subjects related to German as an additional language.
(2)Principal duties will consist of providing foreign language instruction that focuses on the improvement of communicative proficiency. However, the position will also involve other duties that fall under the School's authority, such as assisting in the student conversation room, creating educational materials and supporting overseas study tours, as well as taking part in entrance exam administration duties. The position does not involve participation at faculty meetings.

[Address of work location and other information]
1-2-1 Tsurukabuto, Nada-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 657-8501

[Number of positions]
One position for either a limited-term lecturer or instructor

[Starting date]
Position commences October 1st, 2021

The successful applicant will:
(1) be a native speaker of German, or possess an equivalent level of language proficiency
(2) demonstrate enthusiasm for teaching language and must be willing to help develop the German language education program at Kobe University by assisting the School of Languages and Communication in putting into practice its plans, projects and evaluation procedures
(3) hold a Master's degree or higher in a field related to language education
(4) have relevant teaching experience at the university level and be passionate about delivering language classes
(5) possess sufficient Japanese proficiency to carry out basic university administrative duties

Payment: will be awarded according to the university' established pay scale.
Working hours: 40 hours per week, flexible work hours
Holidays: Saturday, Sunday, Japanese holidays and university's holidays
Insurance: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Mutual Aid Association, Employee pension, Employment Insurance, Workers' compensation insurance

These conditions are based on the university's labor regulations.

◎所   属: 神戸大学全学基盤系教育基盤域 
◎職名・人員: 特任講師又は特任助教  1名
◎専門 分野: ドイツ語教育(DaF,DaZ)又はそれに関連する専攻分野





(1) ドイツ語を母語とする者,又はそれと同等の能力を有する者
(2) 当センターのミッションをふまえ,その実現に積極的に貢献する意欲・能力を有す
(3) 研究分野関連で修士以上の学位を有する者
(4) 大学等の高等教育機関におけるドイツ語教授経験を有し,情熱をもって授業運営を行うことができる者
(5) 学内業務に支障がない程度の日本語能力を有する者



Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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[How to apply]
(1) Access this position on the JREC-IN Portal site.
(2) Download the “CV", “Publications" and “Personal statement" templates via the above site.
(3) Complete these documents by filling in the required information. Make sure to include your email address and telephone number in the CV document.
(4) After creating an account, use the “Web applications" function at the above site, send the CV, Publications and Self Appeal documents electronically. The personal statement consists of an essay that outlines your teaching experience and research, educational approach and the contribution you can offer Kobe University. It must be written in Japanese (approximately 2000 characters).
Refer to the following URL for further details on how to set up an account:

[Screening process]
Screening process
(1) An initial screening will take place based on the application documents received via the above website.
(2) After that, those applicants who have been chosen for the second round of screenings will be notified.
(3) Those chosen for the second round will be asked to send copies of their three most prominent publications and a copy of their highest degree (or equivalent certification) via the post to the Student Affairs Division. For each publication, attach a short summary in Japanese (400 characters for each).
(4) The second screening will also involve an interview. After our review of your documents, applicants chosen for an interview will be notified. The interview may involve a display of the candidate's teaching abilities conducted in German and Japanese. Details will be provided on an individual basis.
(5) Any transportation costs are the candidate's responsibility.
(6) In general, any copies of your publications sent to us as part of the application process will not be returned. If you would like them returned, please mention this at the interview and provide us with a stamped self-addressed envelope.

For enquiries:
Student Affairs Division, Student Affairs Department
Phone: 078-803-5210
E-mail: stdnt-gakumu@office.kobe-u.ac.jp

(1)「科学技術振興機構JREC-IN Portal」上の本公募のサイトにアクセスする。
※参考「JREC-IN Portal活用方法紹介:「ユーザ(求職者)向けWeb応募利用方法」
(5) 第2次審査にかかる交通費は本人負担とする。
(6) 第2次審査で提出した業績については原則として返送しない。特に返送を希望する場合は,第2次審査時に,宛先を明記した返信用の着払い送り状を持参し,提出すること。

[問い合わせ先(担当者所属、役職、氏名、e-mail、電話番号)] 国立大学法人 神戸大学学務部学務課総務グループ
電話: 078-803-5210
Eメール: stdnt-gakumu@office.kobe-u.ac.jp