English Language Teacher, Secondary School, Osaka (3/31)

Are you interested in full-time employment at a unique, high profile public school in Osaka, Japan? Additionally, we do not have a set limit on the number of contract renewals. If you meet the qualifications of this posting, please consider applying.


Job details: 

Due to the travel and immigration restrictions resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, this position is currently open only to qualified applicants who are already in Japan. If you are not in Japan, please do not apply. Our apologies for this pandemic-related complication.

Job Title: 
English Language Teacher

Suito Kokusai Junior and Senior High School, Osaka, Japan

Contract Period: 
Initial employment offers are for 2 years, which are afterward 1-year renewable upon mutual agreement. There is no limit on renewals.

Salary & Benefits: 
Our competitive salary and benefits vary depending on candidates' qualifications, experience, role and responsibilities. Before pursuing your application, please be sure that you are okay with this remuneration. This is a non-negotiable formula that we use in our job offers.
Starting salary for this position is 375,000 JPY / month
Add to this 30,000 JPY / month living allowance
Add to this 20,000 JPY / month public school allowance
Add to this 10,000 JPY / month prior experience uplift for each year in full-time education (max. 30,000 JPY / month). Please consider this uplift as a signing bonus rather than compensation for many years experience outside of our organization.
Add to this 5,000 JPY / month for master's degree or 10,000 JPY / month for doctoral degree
Add to this 20,000 JPY / month for IB workshop leader designation
Annual travel allowance of 100,000 JPY each for employee and dependent spouse
Relocation allowance (incoming) of 150,000 JPY each for employee and dependent spouse
Moving in allowance of 150,000 JPY
Repatriation allowance (outgoing) of 150,000 JPY each for employee and dependent spouse
Various other allowances and benefits

Required Qualifications: 
(Please do not apply unless you absolutely meet the following six application requirements. As a special public school, cannot consider your application without these.)
1. Government-issued teaching license/certificate from home country that allows you to teach in public schools
2. At least 3 years full-time experience teaching in public or private secondary school
3. A degree (or substantial certification) specializing in English language teaching
4. Advanced English language proficiency
5. Mental, physical and medical fitness to responsibly perform position responsibilities
6. No history with child protection issues

Preferred Qualifications:
1. Degree in education (e.g., B.Ed., M.Ed., Ed.D./Ph.D.), preferably master's or higher
2. Experience with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) and/or the Middle Years Programme (MYP) 
3. Experience with educational innovation
4. Japanese language proficiency

Position Responsibilities:
Teach course-based English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to junior and senior high school students
Provide non-course-based English language support where needed
Use teaching approaches that focus on active learning
Contribute to the development of curricula, courses, lessons, teaching & learning resources and assessments
Contribute to the collection and analysis of data about student language growth
Contribute to developing school-wide best practices for language instruction and language learning
Use technology to promote learning
Contribute to innovative school-wide projects and events
Contribute to the oversight of teaching interns and/or student-teachers
Contribute to researching and developing school-wide best practices for English language instruction

Additional Requirements:
Demonstrate a strong commitment to effective teaching practice, including a blend of concept-based instruction, inquiry-based instruction, and active, student-centered learning
Be willing and able to teach according to the standards of the Japanese curriculum, including topics that are not included in typical western curricula
Be open to having his/her classes observed by department colleagues, other specialists and visitors
Be open to co-teaching when this supports learning needs (most typically for language-related needs)
Be receptive to feedback and constructive criticism
Have a track record of working cooperatively with colleagues to maintain a positive school climate for both staff and students
Have a flexible mindset and be able to respond constructively to cultural differences
Recognize the unique nature of the school and be able to support the post-secondary ambitions of its students

Additional Roles: 
Licensed teachers are assigned to a grade team and serve as homeroom teachers. They also participate in school committees.

We will not contact candidates' references until the final stages of recruitment, and we will let candidates know before we do so. We will require contact information for the following three types of references:
1. Current, most senior supervisor (e.g., principal);
2. Current, most direct supervisor (e.g., department head);
3. Any other credible referee whom you deem able to give an accurate account of your workplace dispositions and performance.

Brief Overview of School:
Osaka City Suito Kokusai Junior & Senior High School is located in the Port Town area of Osaka, Japan. The school opened April 2019. It is an Osaka City public school that is operated by Osaka YMCA Educational Foundation, a not-for-profit organization. All staff at the school are employees of Osaka YMCA. Osaka YMCA is responsible for all matters of running the school. It is the first time in Japan’s education history to have a public school like this. Suito Kokusai is a Japanese-English bilingual school with an international education focus. The school will reach its maximum enrollment of 720 students in 2024. Approximately 60% of the teachers are local hires and 40% are foreign hires. It is intended that Suito Kokusai be a model school for other public schools throughout Osaka and Japan by introducing innovations to academic programming and school life. Please check our YouTube and Facebook channels.

Brief Overview of Employment with Osaka YMCA:
Osaka YMCA Educational Foundation strives to create and maintain great working environments for its teachers, including competitive pay and benefits packages. It is through the quality and collegiality of our professional teams that students’ lives are maximally impacted and staff derive satisfaction and joy from their work. Contracts are renewable upon mutual agreement. Osaka YMCA is an equal opportunity employer. Please check the Osaka YMCA website.

Brief Overview of Osaka, Japan:
Osaka is an exciting city located in the midwest of Japan’s main island, Honshu. Neighbouring cities are historic Kyoto to the east and cosmopolitan Kobe to the west. Osaka city has approximately 2.7 million people and many more than that when taking into consideration neighbouring municipalities and prefectures. Nature is also close by and easily accessible. Public transportation is excellent. The city infrastructure and institutions are reliable, the laws of Japan are fair and reasonable, and people are friendly. Working in Japan is a unique cultural opportunity.

Child Protection:
Osaka YMCA collaborates with local and international agencies, such as law enforcement and child services, to identify offenders and support those who have been affected by misconduct.


Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Contact details: 

Addressed to Dr. John Botting, Deputy Principal
(Reminder: Only applicants who fully meet the required qualifications will be considered.)