Junior High School English Teacher at Eisugakkan (3/28)

Full-time Junior High School English Teacher to start in April 2021.


Job details: 

School Location: Fukuyama Hiroshima Japan
School Website: https://www.eisu-ejs.ac.jp/

Duties and Responsibilities: 
1. Teach up to nineteen 50-minute classes per week.
2. Participation in, and preparation for, after-school clubs and activities, staff meetings, and school programs and events as required. 
3. Ongoing participation in professional development courses as required
Salary range: \ 3, 500, 000 - \ 4, 000, 000 per year depending on the applicant’s experience and qualifications. (All bonus and housing allowance payments are included in the monthly salary indicated above).

1. A certified teaching qualification and other relevant English language teaching qualifications/training such as TESOL/ CELTA.
2. Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in English or B.Ed specializing in language acquisition.
3. Minimum of two years of experience teaching English language acquisition to middle school students is an advantage.
4. Native-level English proficiency 
5. Experience teaching non-native English speakers is an advantage.

Positions include
1. Paid holidays  
2. Completion bonus  
3. Transportation allowance
4. Moving/relocation allowance (for those with families) 
5. Paid vacation 
6. Health insurance  
7. Training (if required)

There are free female and male dormitories available on the campus site. (Teachers who chose to live in the dormitory are required to undertake some minor supervision duties for a small number of dormitory students in the evening).

If you’re interested please send your CV/resume and cover letter to Nerissa Momo at momo@eisugakkan.com.

Sunday, March 28, 2021
Contact details: 

Nerissa Momo, 980-1 Hikino-cho Fukuyama-shi 721-8502 Hiroshima Japan