Full-Time English Language Instructor (1/31)

Looking for a full-time English teacher with native English-level proficiency for a 2-year vocational college in Sendai. The school has specializes in English, airline, and travel studies.


Job details: 

Full-Time English Language Instructor
Tohoku Foreign Language & Tourism College

1. Content of work
(1) The instructor will teach a maximum of 14 credit-hours per week per semester (one credit-hours is 90 minutes).
(2) The instructor will also be asked to perform various duties related to education at our institution.

2. Qualifications
(1) Candidates must speak English at a native-level proficiency and be capable of teaching English as a foreign language.
(2) It would be desirable for candidates to have obtained their bachelor's degree.
(3) Candidates must have such proficiency in Japanese as to communicate effectively in classes if necessary and to handle daily administrative affairs.
(4) Must be currently living in Japan with a valid working visa (spousal visa also acceptable).
(5) At least 1-year teaching experience (adult/high school teaching experience preferred). 

3. Number of positions: 1

4. Term of employment
April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 (Annual contract, renewable subject to approval by screening committee.)

5. Address
2-1-13 Itsutsubashi, Aoba-ward, Sendai 980-0022 JAPAN

6. Treatment
(1) Monthly Salary: ¥240,000 
(2) Medical Insurance: The instructor is required to join the Mutual Aid Association of Private School Personnel (Shigaku Kyosai) during the term of their employment at Gaigo. Please be advised that all instructors are required to join the Shigaku Kyosai pension scheme as well, and that fees for both the pension and health insurance plans will be deducted from the instructor's salary each month.
(3) Unemployment insurance
(4) Visa sponsor

7. Application materials
Resume *Make sure a photo is attached to your resume.

8. Application Deadline  
January 31, 2021

9. Selection process
After document screening, short-listed candidates will be interviewed and asked to give a teaching demonstration.

10. Where to make contact
Tohoku Foreign Language & Tourism College
Etsuko Starkey [Email: e-starkey@tohokugaigo.ac.jp

Sunday, January 31, 2021
Contact details: 

Tohoku Foreign Language and Tourism College
2-1-13 Itsutsubashi, Aoba-ward, Sendai 980-0022 JAPAN