Full-time Position [C] (International Relations, International Politics/Economics, NGO/NPO, or other related fields of global studies) *Practical international experience is preferred. (8/16)

A tenured position at either the Department of English (School of Letters) or the Department of Careers in English Communication (Junior College Division), managing the courses offered by both departments and fulfilling institutional duties as instructed by the departments and the university.


Job details: 

Professor / Associate Professor / Lecturer
[Public qualifications needed in specific field(s)]
(1) A doctorate (or near completed) in related fields, such as international relations, international politics/economics, NGO/NPO, or other areas of global studies
* Practical teaching staff members must have a master's degree or higher
* Practical international experience is preferred
(2) Native-level Japanese language proficiency
(3) Active involvement in the operations of the university and departments (institutional and teaching duties)
(4) Ability to support students learning social sciences
(5) Ability to teach in English and the Department's “Advanced Course in English" (ACE*) program
(6) Able to teach skill subjects of English
(7) Motivated to take initiative and actively engage in future plans for the department
(8) Ability and will to escort students to our US campus
(9) Manage Information and Communication Technology (including distance learning) for teaching
(10) Willing to live in the Kinki area after recruitment

*In the ACE program, all subjects offered by the department are taught in English over a four-year period. Students must meet specific standards to ensure a high level of English proficiency and competence at the international level.


Sunday, August 16, 2020
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