English Teacher/Teaching Assistant, or Assistant Professor, or Lecturer (One Position Available) (8/1)

We are looking for someone to staff our English room, hold events, and teach English classes at a university in Akita City. You will be offered a contract commensurate with your educational and employment experience. Either TA, Assistant Professor, or Lecturer. Possibility of tenure.


Job details: 

1. Location: North Asia University

2. Subject Taught: 「English」 and related subjects

3. Position:     Teaching Assistant、or Assistant Professor, or Lecturer 
(One Position Available)

4. Contract:     Full-time(Contract) 
※Depending on work performance, contract can be renewed

5. Hiring Date: Immediate

6. Contract Types:
Although there is only one position, there are two types of contracts available:
(1) Full-time Faculty Member Contract (Assistant Professor/Lecturer)
① Term is a 1-year contract
※Contract renewal is possible depending on work performance
② Salary is based on the university’s salary scale
③ Retirement age is 65 years old

(2) English Teacher Contract/Teaching Assistant (TA)
   ① Term is a 1-year contract
※Contract renewal is possible depending on work performance
   ② Salary is based on experience

7. Qualifications
(1) Age
Full-time Faculty Member Contract: Must be less than 65 years of age
English Teacher Contract: No age limits

(2) Personal Qualifications
     English: Native-level ability
Japanese: Business-level (your resume MUST be written in Japanese)

(3) Career and Achievement Qualifications
For the position of full-time faculty member, publications and research related to ESL/EFL education, linguistics, etc.

For the position of contract English Teacher (TA), publications and research is not required, but practical experience teaching to ESL/EFL learners is a must.

Additionally, preference will be given to applicants who meet the following requirements:
① Individuals who have worked in a university setting as a lecturer or assistant professor, etc.
② Masters Degree (ideally in ESL/EFL or related areas)
③ Three years’ experience teaching English
※ Preference will be given to applicants who meet all three of the above 

(4) Housing Requirements
You must currently live, or be willing to relocate to Akita City after hiring.

(5) Other Responsibilities
You will be actively involved in various committees, student recruitment, student employment support, etc. after taking office.

8. Applicant Selection Method
First Screening:  Documents Check
Second Screening: Mock lecture and/or Interview

9. Required Documents
(1) Resume in Japanese (please use the Japanese Calendar system)
Research Achievements (※for the English Teacher contract, this is optional)
(2) List of major publications (materials can be excerpted or copied, ※not required for 
the English Teacher contract)
(3) Diploma and relevant certifications (both undergraduate and graduate if applicable)
(4)Transcript (both undergraduate and graduate, if applicable)
(5)Other e.g. driver’s license, other qualifications, etc.

Saturday, August 1, 2020
Contact details: 

Send documents to the following address:
   〒010-8515 秋田市下北手桜守沢46-1
         学校法人ノースアジア大学 法統括部人事課宛

(1) When submitting, please write in red on the envelope「ノースアジア大学教員応募
(英語)書類在中」and mail it by registered mail. Please note that submitted documents will not be returned in principle, so please send a copy of your diploma.
(2) For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact the Human Resources Section, 
Corporate Management Department at 018-836-3317