JALT Publications Board

The JALT Publications Board is tasked with overseeing the operations of JALT's three publications: JALT Journal (JJ), The Language Teacher (TLT), and the Post-Conference Publication (PCP). This includes staff appointments, budgeting, policy making, and mediation when required. The Board meets twice a year—once at the annual conference, and once on a fall weekend—in addition to regular communication during the year. The Board is made up of the editors of each of the publications and is overseen by the Publications Board Chair. It may also invite other staff to join meetings as need arises. All Board members are appointed by the JALT Executive Board.

Current JALT Publications Board

  • Chair– Caroline Handley
  • TLT Advisor – Theron Muller
  • TLT Co-Editors – Nicole Gallagher and Paul Lyddon
  • TLT Assistant Editor: Rob Kerrigan
  • TLT Japanese Language Editor – Toshiko Sugino
  • TLT Japanese Language Associate Editor – Mami Ueda
  • JJ Editor – Gregory Glasgow
  • JJ Associate Editor – Dennis Koyama 
  • JJ Japanese Language Editor  – Yo In’nami
  • JJ Japanese Language Associate Editor  – Natsuko Shintani
  • PCP Editors-in-Chief – Peter Clements, Peter Ferguson, Rick Derrah
  • JALT National Director of Public Relations – Bill Pellowe (Advisor)
  • JALT National President – Dawn Lucovich (non-voting member)

To contact any member of the Board, please use the Contact page.