The Language Teacher - Issue 31.10; October 2007

Volume: 31
Issue No. 10
Date of publication: October 2007
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Special Issue: A Taste of JALT2006

Excerpts from the Proceedings

  • Difficulties in L2 songwriting
    - by Brian Cullen
  • A sense of community through Nikkei
    - by Donna Fujimoto, Laura Kusaka & Susan Sakayori
  • A comparison of the 4th grade curriculum and daily life in a Japanese public school and an international school in Kyoto
    - by Amanda Gillis-Furutaka
  • The treatment of identities in postwar EFL textbooks for ninth graders
    - by Naoko Harada
  • Using group dynamics in the classroom
    - by Cheryl Kirchhoff
  • Using drama to motivate EFL Students: Building classroom communities and student identities
    - by Dean Charles
  • Creating community of self-directed learners
    - by Alice Lee
  • Communities of supportive professionals
    - by Kazuyoshi Sato, Michael Cholewinski, Steve Cornwell, Juanita Kiyokawa & Nobuyuki Takaki
  • Difficult Students: Who, why, and responses
    - by Miguel Sosa
  • Pros and cons of a class podcast project: Evaluating a classroom innovation
    - by Kristen Sullivan
  • Raising children in two languages and communities
    - by Satoko Suzuki
  • Choice of task topic: Are the students more motivated?
    - by John Thurman
  • Teacher use of students' first language: Introducing the FIFU checklist
    - by Suzanne Yonesaka & Mitsutada Metoki

My Share

  • Personality Concentration
    - by Lori Ann Desrosiers
  • Using listening for writing? Playing podcasts in composition courses
    - by Brian Rubrecht

Book Reviews

  • A Practical Guide to Using Computers in Language Teaching
    - Reviewed by Michael Thomas
  • Workouft or the TOEIC Test Books 1 and 2
    - by Daniel Dunkley


  • Speech to text and back: New voice tools for CALL
    - by Lawrie Hunter


    - with Damian Rivers


  • What's in the news: A primer
    - by Paul Collett


  • Language teaching in Bangladesh
    - by David McMurray


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