The Language Teacher - Issue 31.9; September 2007

Volume: 31
Issue No. 9
Date of publication: September 2007
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Special Issue: Language Transfer

Featured Articles

  • The importance of cross-linguistic similarities - by Hakan Ringbom
  • Contrastive rhetoric and ki-shoo-ten-ketsu - by Aika Miura
  • Transfer from English to Japanese by Australian JFL learners - by Meredith Stephens
  • Japanese learners' built-in lexicon of English and its effect on L2 production - by Frank E. Daulton
  • Oral and written identification of L2 loanword cognates by initial Japanese learners of English - by Emi Uchida

My Share

  • English vocabulary taboo: A word game that draws out creative thinking - by Max Praver
  • Raising awareness of English loanwords in Japanese - by Mark Rebuck

Book Reviews

  • Cross-Linguistic Similarity in Foreign Language Learning - Reviewed by Robert Taferner


  • Learning in a Flash - by Paul Daniels

Member's Profile

  • - with Damian Rivers


  • The Casting Pearls Before Wine Gala Party at JALT2006 - by Kim Bradford-Watts


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